Test… This is only a test… But you can stay anyway

Hello!   The last Bloggiesta, I found myself a Blogging-Buddy!

Amused, of Amused By Books Book Blog and I will be experimenting with our Google Alerts.

Mine doesn’t seem to capture but ONE blog who doesn’t even reference me in her posts – I think I’m listed on a blog roll, as far as I can tell.

SO I am going to link to Amused, she is going to link to me and we will see what gets caught.

That’s it!  oh, but please feel free to click over and say hello to her and let her know what an awesome blog-buddy she has hooked up with. (Can I even say ‘hooked up with’?!)

1)   She is attempting the 50 States Challenge but so far has only visited Texas.   Whoops!  She HAS read more than just Texas!  I only wrote this post last week…




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6 thoughts on “Test… This is only a test… But you can stay anyway

  1. This is totally unrelated, but perhaps bloggiesta-like (since I’m snowed in at home today…?). I love your feed footer. Is that a wordpress feature or did you do through feedburner?

  2. Not being able to save templates is one of the things I hate about WP 😦
    As this is a test post, I hope you don’t mind if I also use it to test… following your advice, I think I may ave solved the problem of my comments not linking back. I wanted to say thank you for your suggestion! (Feel free to remove this comment if you wish.)

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