Page to Screen Challenge

I’m in.   And I’ve already started!   My next review will be The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich, the source for the Aaron Sorkin’s award-winning screenplay for The Social Network.

I will read 5 books for Level One.  Click on the button above to read all about it and/or sign up at Reading Extensively.

I have a LOT of books in-house that would qualify:    Up in the Air, Blindness, Possession, Mary Reilly, Dead Man Walking, A River Runs Through It, Three Muskateers, just to name a few…

I love reading books and watching flicks!   I actually should write a follow-up to A Single Man.  I liked the movie almost as much as the book.


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20 thoughts on “Page to Screen Challenge

  1. I was thinking about doing this too,as I love watching adaptations! I’ve signed up for soooo many challenges already so I really shouldn’t but i’d forgotten how many great adaptations there are out there…

    1. Hi Bex! I love to see what differences and challenges had to be overcome to bring a story to the big screen. Sometimes I wonder why I sign up for all these challenges but I guess it is all the fun of it, I do tend to lose steam mid-year and usually forget to go back to challenge sites. THAT is my challenge.

  2. Speaking of which . . . I’ll be sending you my copy of True Grit, after I’ve reviewed it (have to have it on hand to review, but then I’ll wrap it up). You just mentioned not being able to find it. Weird, but not a problem ’cause, remember, I’m swapping you for the Whipple?

    1. YES! But first I’m letting my 94 yo friend read it – I thought she might like it. I bet she’ll be done with it by the next time I see her. Then it’s off to you! (I’m sure I’m shocking some people by not keeping a Persephone but OH WELL. I know it will be treasured where it is going. right?!)

      1. Yes, of course it will be treasured! And, obviously there’s no hurry. I’m always in books up to my ears. I’m glad it’s visiting another reader. Wow, congratulate her for making it to 94. That’s awesome.

  3. Ruthiella

    If you ever get the opportunity “Sideways” was an excellent read and they did an incredible adaptation for the screen, I thought.

  4. What a tempting challenge!!! oh, but I can’t, I just can’t. You mention Mary Reilly – loved that one! jump on it (first).

    I’m back on blog line having fallen off with work and projects. Must. not. let. that. happen.

    more later–enjoy reading! (i’m so far behind, I’m one of those people just now reading LOVING FRANK and THE ART OF RUNNING IN THE RAIN. egads!)

    1. Every October for RIP, I say I am going to read MaryReilly but I can’t stop thinking about Julia Roberts…

      I haven’t yet read Loving FRank but my mom thought it OK. I adored Art of Racing in the Rain – hope you do, too.

  5. I always like seeing what other people think of books and movies together. I try not to read books and see the films they’re based on right after, because I feel like more often than not it’s a recipe for disaster with me — I nearly always end up loving one at the other one’s expense. I’m glad that’s not the case for everyone.

    1. Or a piece of pie… Although, if it is easy, do we defeat the idea of the ‘challenge’? Nah… I would love to find out if we have the same books – I try to categorize these in goodreads but need to do better.

  6. FUN! I love reading books and then watching the movies. In many cases I will refuse to see a movie if I know there is a book out there that I should be reading first about it.

    Recently I screwed up when I rented The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas. I just wanted to see the movie and did not think it would be anything special. I was wrong. Now I am bummed I did not read the book first – but have it coming from my library to hopefully right that wrong 🙂

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