Beneath the Thirteen Moons

Thoughts   Beneath the Thirteen Moons by Kathryne Kennedy, Sourcebooks Casablana 2010, 350 pages

What’s in a Name Challenge 4:  “Books With a Number in the Title

MOTIVATION for READING:   I can blame this one on Nancy the Bookfool who wrote a thoughtful review and then offered to send me the book.    Thanks Nancy!     I can’t recall ever reading a book that would fall into the genre of ‘fantasy romance’ so I was looking forward to it.   And I was hoping it would be a fast read towards my goal of 100 books this year.

WHAT it’s ABOUT:     A fantastical watery world that I don’t think I ever got my head around how exactly these trees and water all related but it seemed to be a very wet world with extremely interesting creatures.   We have a young lady and her pet that is a strange kind of monkfish* (Yum!   Sadly, I may never be able to eat another again.)    We have a handsome prince.   The young lady doesn’t really think of herself as a ‘lady’ but more of a rough & tumble fiercely-independent ‘river rat’.    She kidnaps the prince, they feel immense attraction, adventures happen, lady tries to distance herself from prince but just cannot, etc, etc, etc and then some.   With lots of hot sex thrown in here and there.    And all this ROOT-CHEWING for ‘strength’ and ‘clarity’; what I would describe as drug-use.    You see, part of the theme involves the government (the “Royals”, thus the prince) having access to a powerful drug and not allowing the masses to have any of it.

WHAT’s GOOD/NOT so GOOD:    I guess I could say I was quite amused by all the hot sex.   I would read it aloud to my husband while he watched football games to see if he was as amused as I was.    He was.   😉     However, it got really old fast that our heroine had to try so hard to keep her hands off and her body away from our prince.     Two-by-four to head, already.    And I really didn’t like all the references to the drugs.

FINAL THOUGHTS:   This book just wasn’t for me.   I admit that I skipped and skimmed but it was many pages of still-the-same.    However, if anyone has a great fantasy romance or even a plain ol’ regular romance book to suggest, I just might try it!

RATING:    I give it two and 1/2 slices of pie.

Other REVIEWS:    Alyce of At Home With Books, Debbie’s World of Books

* Thank you to the Maryland Dept of Natural Resources for the photo of the monkfish.  Click on that photo to access more fun fish facts on the Monkfish.


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7 thoughts on “Beneath the Thirteen Moons

    1. I slithered through many dimensions with the watery-world concept. I finally had to go with the flow. (ha! get it? flow? water? I crack myself up. It really isn’t that funny, tho. sigh)

  1. The book doesn’t grab me but I love the photo of the monkfish! Who has a monkfish as a pet???

    I’ve never tasted one but I have heard they are delicious. BTW, we made apple pie last night, inspired by your posting. Thanks!

    1. Fabulous! I love being an inspiration. Did you hear that pie sales in restaurants have increased? They (those ‘they’ people) say that PIE is the NEW cupcake! Yay Pie.

  2. I felt kind of like a 2 X 4 to the head, too. And, the root chewing did bother me. I didn’t think to mention that in my review, but it was so continuous . . . and even though she should have died, she kept NOT dying and NOT DYING and chewing more. That was odd. I’d have preferred that she had a power that didn’t require munching on a drug, yep. But I loved the way she created really beautiful scenery — like the trees that were shedding blooms and the crystal coral.

    I think some of the best romance I’ve read in the last year is Shana Galen’s series. The Making of a Duchess and The Making of a Gentlemen — the first two — are both romantic but really, really adventurous, too. There’s not a lot of stupid sex and pushing each other away. I’ve got her third title, here, and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s called The Making of a Rogue.

  3. I read lots and lots of fantasy, so if you ever want recommendations feel free to ask. 🙂 This book doesn’t really appeal to me, but I did consider it at one point.

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