Happy National Pie Day!

Thanks to Twitter Pals @Vasilly and @ChrisBookaRama and @BooksandWine, I was reminded that today is National Pie Day according to the American Pie Council.    and guess what!?   I was taking a break from making a pie to check my blog and Twitter!  Can you say ‘serendipity’?

This Chocolate -Strawberry Pie was loosely inspired by a pie from the movie Waitress.   I first layered a chocolate pudding, then a mixture of whipped cream – marshmallow Fluff – cream cheese and a touch of Chambord and the top layer of sliced fresh strawberries.   The berries taste so good, I didn’t want to cook them down into the traditional glazed strawberry concoction.    It’s now in the fridge chillin’;  awaiting its place as final course dessert to my husband’s sausage-escarole-white bean soup dinner.

FYI, March 14 is PI (Π) day and I will make a pie that day, too.    We can also expect a pie on Pi Approximation Day, July 22.   Read why here. 🙂

Now, back to Bloggiesta!


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24 thoughts on “Happy National Pie Day!

  1. Your strawberry pie looks to die for. . . great job with the strawberry pattern. And I LOVED Waitress! I was drooling and I just wanted to taste all those pies. . . I wonder if they gave recipes in the DVD extras. I actually have all the makings of an apple pie so I might have to make one today. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Wow, what a coincidence! I too made pie this weekend, although in my case it was meat pies, so not pie in the classical sense. Still counts! I sang the pie song from Waitress while I was doing it. :p Your pie looks delicious.

    1. Polar Plunge! GOOD for you! They do that here, too. I wonder if it is the same day – everywhere? do you know? Guess I will just ask. IS that where you collect pledges if you really do it? I would give to your campaign… do you have an online way to give?! 🙂 Maybe I’ll go look but do send me a link if you got one.

      I will make you a pie in honor, too. How about a Peppermint Patty Ice Cream Pie – would that work?

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