It’s Bloggiesta Time Again!

Bloggiesta! is the time when book bloggers work on improving their blogs.    Regular maintenance, finish up reviews, fix dead links, update challenge lists, etc and then some.    Here’s my off-the-top of my fingertips list of things I want to accomplish this weekend.     Feel free to join the party – and truly?  It IS a party!!    My favorite thing about Bloggiesta! is how every comes together to cheer each other on and SHARES the knowledge.  If you have always wondered ‘something’, this is the perfect time to just ask.   Click on this link to the blog of our charming hostess MawBooks or click the button above (that green square with mascot) and/or go to Twitter and search for @Bloggiesta.     And don’t forget to have fun!


1.  Write review of Someone at a Distance by Dorothy Whipple and post forthwith.

2.  Write review of The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien and schedule for Sunday or Monday.

3.  Write review of Beneath the Thirteen Moons by Kathryne Kennedy and schedule for a day or two after TTTC.

4.  Update sidebar links, especially challenges.

5.  Update Challenge Page.

6.  Input data into book tracking log.  If you don’t have one, may I suggest Fyrefly’s?

7.  Check links in blogroll.   CHECK!   I’m working my way through…   I do have so many lovely blog friends.  🙂

8.  Open GoogleReader and visit all my friends’ blogs.   (I should move this up in priority…)

9.  Calm down and realize that this is fun not stressful.   If I don’t get it all done, it’s OK.

10.  Read one short story in my Wm Trevor book, read 25 pages of Shadow Tag, don’t feel guilty about putting aside Cat in a Diamond Dazzle (remember, I have all year to finish this!)

11.  Add reviews to my A-Z page.  Consider if I really need my A-Z page if I am not going to maintain it properly.

12.   Learn how to embed links in comments?

13.   Open Twitter occasionally and offer encouragement to other Bloggiesta-ers.  CHECK!

14.  Smile.

15.   Shovel off the driveway – Friday afternoon.  (snow is supposed to quit around Noon.)

16.  ___Figure out why my google alert doesn’t alert me…  _________

17.  ___Learn Mr. Linky_________


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