Challenge 2010 Wrap Up

Does anyone know who designed this?   I want to credit the blogger!

And on to the fun.   This is all just housekeeping;  don’t feel like you need to comment…    Of course, I do love some huzzahs and wahoos when I can get ’em.    I have filed away the page that tracks all this (and more!) under the GALLIMAUFRY page or just click on this sentence. In fact, going to the page is the quick checklist and this will be more of a rambling wordy thing anyway…     Any reviews you might want to read, you’ll have to check my BOOKS I READ page and just page down to look.  or go SEARCH.   [My A-Z page is incomplete at this time.]

Bart’s Bookshelf hosted a Twenty in Ten Challenge of reading 2 books for each of the ten categories.   It took me all year to fill the chart but I did it!   As far as I could tell, he didn’t require a wrap up post so allow me to point to the updated challenge to keep us having fun in 2011:   The TwentyEleven Challenge
1. YA – Paper Towns / John Green √
2.YA- Will Grayson, will grayson / JG&DL √
3. TBR – Love Begins in Winter / SimonVanBooy   √
4. TBR – Oryx & Crake /Atwood √
5.NEW – Fear & Loathing Campaign’72
6.NEW – The Girl Who Stopped Swimming √
7. BLAME – Jill for Waiting for Columbus √   Yes, Jill the Fizzy Thoughted One!  That Jill.
8. BLAME – Nancy for Making Rounds w/Oscar √ Nancy of the Book Fool fame…
9. LibSale Among Schoolchildren /T.Kidder  
10. LibSale – They’re Not Dumb √
11.Pub2010 – A Secret Gift / T.Gup  
12.Pub2010 –Finny / J.Kramon 
13.45+yo – Ethan Frome/Wharton √
14.45+yo – Night/Elie Wiesel √
15.Open (I chose ebooks) Room / E.Donoghue  √
16.Open – The Woman in White / Collins √
17.New2MeAuthor – Without a Trace/Colleen Coble √
18.New2MeAuthor –Good Dog. Stay./Anna Quindlen √
19. GN – Blankets √
20. GN – Dykes to Watch out for – Alison Bechdel √

I failed miserably on the 2010 Global Challenge hosted by Dorte.   I did not feel very worldly this past year.    However, as I go check my checklist – I actually missed only ONE continent of the six I committed to!     OK, not that bad, I guess.   I’m too hard on myself.      But still, to make up for missing Australasia, I am signing up for the Australia Challenge in 2011 and am looking forward to it very much.     (and I am thinking but have yet to commit to the 2011 Global Challenge…)

I finished RIP V with resounding success!  Except that I never did a wrap up post on it and not sure I ever went back to update the review list page at the challenge site.  OH well.  I really enjoyed this, though and am very proud of myself for getting through so many books:   Frankenstein, The Woman in White, Neverwhere, The Maltese Falcon, Woman in the Dark, and The Likeness. Yay me!

I REALLY challenged myself when I committed to the Aarti’s Flashback Challenge because – as you all know –  I rarely re-read books.   So even though I didn’t get to all the books I hoped to, I still did well.   I’m still committing to reading ( I mean re-reading) the books I said I would sometime in the near future:   Jane Eyre and Wind Sand and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Am I wrong to think that somewhere is the Graphic Novel version of Jane Eyre?   Sounds wonderful.

I missed the What’s in a Name 3 Challenge completion by one book (and one week?).   We will discuss this more when I write my review of The Sea.   My plan for the WiaN4 Challenge is to be done by August.   Ahem.

I didn’t read the 4 books I had originally committed to for the GLBT 2010 Challenge but I still read 4 books so I am pleased with  myself.      I carry over my wish to read Orlando by Virginia Woolf into 2011.   Ms. Woolf is on that short list of authors that I have a secret goal to read everything they have ever written.

Let’s not discuss the Read-Book-See-Movie Challenge, OK?    I didn’t do as well as I thought I would but I didn’t really try.     Sort of thought this one would just ‘happen’ since I love to read books they’ve made movies out of.   I own a ton of books that fit, I just didn’t get to them.

and finally,

Women Unbound.     What can I say about Women Unbound?     I loved how this EVENT was embraced by so many and that it truly challenged me to seek out texts and authors I may not have ever been introduced to!   Authors I want to read more by.   I am, however, saddened by my hosting efforts.    I had hoped that the spirit and energy in which it originated could have been sustained.   I wish I could have commented at all the reviews that this challenge inspired.   I would have been thrilled if we could have had more community but it – dare I say – fell a bit flat in the second half the year.   And thus, this is why it won’t be continued going forward (at least by me.)     I don’t want to be critical nor do I think it’s a big deal, really.   I know that many if not most of the participants enjoyed it very much and that is good.   CHEERS!    In fact, we really do need to celebrate the over 650 reviews on the WomenUnbound Challenge site! [I would love to go organize and list all the titles reviewed but we all  know that aint gonna happen.] Personally, I read many books that could have applied and I embraced the nonfiction portion tbr-adding with gusto.    I still have a lot to learn and more to read.   Though I won’t be participating actively in the 2011 sister challenge (is it OK if I call it that?) The YEAR of FEMINIST CLASSICS Challenge —  I am excited to see what happens.   🙂

Overall, I am very happy with myself for what I attempted in 2010 by way of Reading Challenges.    Being curious, I thought  would check for any 2010 books I did not fit into any challenge slot (granted, some challenges allowed pigeon-holing into multiple slots), I am hard-pressed to find many books that do not have any community (ie, IRL book club), readalong or challenge component at all!      Less than 10 out of 70.    I wonder what that means exactly.  huh…

OK, this is out of the way.   On to 2011!



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13 thoughts on “Challenge 2010 Wrap Up

  1. I think you’re being too hard on yourself Care! But then, I knew going into Women Unbound that I’m not a good challenge host, lol, so I pretty much only intended to set it up and let participants run with it. 😉

    1. Oh Eva, I know. I know and was fully prepared to let you set it all up and then I wanted to be the maintainer of it for the year. And … Anyway. It was a success despite my own failed hosting expectations, right? You’re awesome.

  2. I think you did great. What’s on the agenda for 2011? Hopefully my fearless poetry exploration challenge…you know you want to only need to read 1 book of poems.

  3. I don’t even like challenges. You did marvelous! Also . . . thanks, I love it when you blame me. It makes me feel like I have some sort of influence on the world. Hahaha. Megalomania biscuit with your tea, anyone?

  4. Hey, you remembered me this time! 😉 (Kidding! Again!)

    And Women Unbound is one of the few challenges I finished last year! I think it’s hard to sustain a challenge for a year (heck, I gave up on my own challenge after just a few months).

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