A Confession

Just a quick post to let you know that I have failed.    Boo hoo HOOOOOOOO WWWAAAAaaaaaaaaaa!

I lied in my Year End Summary – I didn’t read 71 books – only 70.

I didn’t get The Sea completed by midnight on December 31, 2010 and my resolve to finish it on January 1, 2011 and conveniently slide it back a few hours to get counted anyway,…   just didn’t happen.

And now it is January 4th and I can’t hold up the charade any longer!  I must confess!

I must concede defeat!  I must allow that I did NOT complete the What’s in a Name 3 Challenge.   I will have to count The Sea as a 2011;  there is just no way I can hide it.

It wouldn’t be right.  I wouldn’t be true.



Do know that I *AM* enjoying it!  It’s just that every page I have to look up a word.  And THAT makes it slow going.

OK,  I feel better now.

My Wrap Up Challenges of 2010 post is in the works.   Soon.


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34 thoughts on “A Confession

  1. Well, I am just so happy you are pushing through The Sea. I keep reading reviews about books like this on Amazon where people become enraged by the book and want to do it mortal harm. Yikes!

    So, see, you’re doing just fine 🙂

    1. oh really? It does take some patience but I am not upset by anything. It changes focus/attention constantly so I suppose it could be frustrating. I am more frustrated by the ‘where is my dictionary/piece of paper/pen/iPad’ so that I can take note of words such as ‘rufous’ or ‘cicatrice’…

      I like these ‘in the head’ thoughtful books.

  2. You’re hilarious. I found out months later that I forgot to count one book that I had read in 2009, so I had to go back and change my number for that year.

    1. Aw, the land of good intentions… This book is a great book to have with you when you are trapped on a beach and have nowhere to be, nothing to do but revel in beautiful prose. Tell my life to go on hold, please.

  3. I lied in my year-end summary, too, but the OTHER way. I said I read 100, but I read 101. SO, we cancel each other out and can, I hope, re-establish a modicum of trust.

    1. sniff. i’m sorry. Please forgive me!

      actuallt, this reminds me of when I was telling ‘real’ friends about read-a-thon and someone asked me if people just didn’t lie about how many books they read, and I was shocked! We bookbloggers ARE honest,right?!

  4. There, there, now Care! It’s all right!

    I’ve had The Sea on my TBR for some time…been shying away from it for some reason.

    I missed LeMaire’s when I was home, so it’ll be my first stop next summer.

  5. Dear C, Hilarious, this “coming clean.”
    In fact, you still read an amazing amount. And let’s not forget all the other (probably dozens and dozens and dozens of) things you also likely accomplished!

  6. where are you hiding? you can’t fall off blogging this early into 2011! i wanted to drop by and belatedly thank you for sending me a dee-lightful holiday card. i was such a disappointment this year–i mailed 20 cards 3 days before christmas. martha stewart i am not…

    anyway, thanks for thinking of me!! 🙂

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