A Snowy Distraction

I feel like all my reviews lately have been negative and this makes me sad.    I really need to write a review of The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down (TSCYaYFD) by Anne Fadiman and …   huh – I thought there was another but I guess not. OH!  I want to write a personal wrap up of my Women Unbound Challenge Experience and a Year End Overall Challenge Summary.  Someday soon.

So, please indulge me and

1)  go visit Bonnie’s Women Unbound post –> here <– She has some QUESTIONS to ask EVERYONE who participated and I think it also may help spur ideas on what to say in your wrap up post if you haven’t written one already (thank you!),

2) know that I really learned a lot by TSCYaYFD I have no idea how to review, I turned down so many pages (that most of you books-are-sacred people would be nauseous and appalled), and I enjoyed it very much.    See Kim’s Sophisticated (and not really) Dorky review – I had to link because she is possibly worried about my reaction and I want her to know I am working on it.   *wink*   OH – and if you are in my book club and read my blog — please go read Kim’s review.   Thanks,


3)   It snowed yesterday.   Here’s my abominable snowdog Esther enjoying her first snowy experience:

The photo doesn’t quite do justice to how snow-covered she gets!

Til I get all my $%& together and write more posts, enjoy.     Have you gotten any snow yet?    They say we got 6 inches…


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12 thoughts on “A Snowy Distraction

  1. Aw, cute snow dog! We had snow about a month ago, which only lasted about week. They keep saying we’re going to get lost more, but all we have coming down is rain and more rain. I’m not a big fan of snow, so I’m okay with it, but it would be nice to have a little bit for Christmas.

  2. Such cute puppies! We’ve gotten a lot of snow lately, which is annoying. It’s making everything slippery. But my family back in MN has gotten a lot more – over 2 feet! I’m not really excited for that when I go home for Christmas.

    And YAY! I am glad you enjoyed TSCYaYFD. It was a hard book for me to review too, mostly because I just wanted to write “It is so good!” in all caps and be done with it. So I understand. I hope your book club likes it!

    1. I don’t know when I’m going to get to the review because I just signed up for a huge dessert project and all I can think of is when I’m going to have time to do all this baking! Eek. Book Club is Monday, too so I need to do it soon.

  3. Awwww, those pictures of the dogs are too cute! When we first got our puppy, it snowed outside, and the puppy just couldn’t believe how amazing snow was. :p Up in NYC we’ve gotten a dusting or two, enough to make it slippery but not enough to make it pretty. I’m pinning my hopes on January.

  4. It snowed here the first weekend in Dec. about 4 inches then again a week after that – about 6 inches. That snow is still here, though it’s starting to look dirty and not so pleasant as it was. I think it may snow again Christmas day so that’s rather exciting.

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