A Dog’s Purpose

Thoughts   A Dog’s Purpose by Bruce Cameron,  A Forge Book/Published by Tom Doherty Associates LLC, 319 pages

MOTIVATION for READING:    I love dogs.  ✫   I have a blog-crush on Nancy the BookFool.  ✫  Nancy has cats.  ✫   SO the fact that Nancy raved about a book about dogs REALLLLY caught my attention!    Not that I mean to imply that if you love cats, you must hate dogs but still.    SO when my friend REE was raving about a book that Nancy also raved about, I had to say yes to it.   Ree loaned me this book and I thank her for the opportunity.  THANKS REE for loaning me this book.

All dogs go to heaven…  unless they have unfinished business here on Earth.

POSSIBLE SPOILERS if you dare to read further…

WHAT its ABOUT:    This book follows the one soul and many lives of one dog.   I think.   I have written and rewritten and destroyed many a sentence to explain and I just don’t know (and don’t care to consult the book jacket) of how to explain it.     We meet a dog and his life as a feral pup and then he dies and is reborn as another pup and then this life dies and he is reborn as another pup  – its all familiar to him now – except this time he is a she, and then…  ONE MORE TIME.

WHAT I LIKED:   I was quite impressed with how the author was able to weave in a few dog handling tips (the importance of neutering, positive reinforcement training) and  a few other ideas that sound good yet are difficult for humans to ‘get’.  Since I have a puppy in my house, this book was extremely timely for me to consider and remember that dogs think ‘dog’.   Dogs are NOT humans.    This book attempts to explain dog-think in human terms and it’s in novel form which makes it impactful, relatable and memorable.

WHAT’s NOT so GOOD:  The second life in this series of lives that this dog soul gets to experience crap that was hard for me to read.   In fact, I skipped over most of it!     It involves unpleasantness and I just couldn’t deal. I felt the bad stuff was just a set up for lots of horrible crap, if that  makes any sense (hey – that’s why I call these THOUGHTS and not ‘reviews’).    I’m very glad that I decided to be selective because I adored the third life of the dog when ‘she’ becomes a search and rescue dog.   I particularly was impressed with the descriptions of how she was trained and how much she appreciated having a meaningful job.

When the final life experience referenced the part that I skipped over, I was happy to find out that it didn’t really matter to how the rest of the story unfolded or maybe it was my ability to sew together the right pieces of the story.

OVERALL:   I enjoyed this book     I love dogs.  This is a pro-dog story and even dog-ambivalent people can enjoy it.    Or at least, I think so.   Read Nancy’s review if you doubt me.    I personally love the idea of reincarnation and how it was used for this story.

RATING:    I am rating this a 3.5 slices of pie rating.

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*  I wonder if my pup Esther is on her first ‘life’ or her fifth.    Considering the 6+ minutes battle of wits I just had with her, I’m thinking she is on her second life.  She’s STUBBORN;  smart but stubborn.


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8 thoughts on “A Dog’s Purpose

    1. It IS interesting how some books BEG you to keep reading to find out what happens next and some only discourage it! I’m glad I kept reading, too. AND that my worst fears didn’t actually occur – but that’s another subject…

  1. Darlyn

    I’m really interested in novels about reincarnation–the last one I read and liked was Ann Brashare’s My Name is Memory. A Dog’s Purpose is more interesting because it’s, well, about dogs. Great review. 🙂

    1. Oh thank you! I appreciate the rec – I might already have that one on my tbr but now I really want to get to it! I seem to have read a few dog stories this year – I’ll count them up for my year end summary.

  2. Michelle

    What a cute story! I would love to read this book! I am a total dog lover! Is there a similarity to The Art of Racing in the Rain?

    1. Michelle, yes and no. The dog narrates but he has multiple family dramas than the one that was center focus in TAoRitR. I think. so yea, but different. You’ll just have to read this one and see for yourself?

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