Holiday Crafting

Photo Wednesday!   Today IS Wednesday, yes?    At lunch yesterday, Hub and I made plans for a ROAD TRIP for TODAY and then by dinner, it all fell apart.   And I’m sad.    SO now the day will end up wasted, sort of.   I intend to fill it with blogging and laundry and puppy training.   Maybe I’ll clean out a closet.

So while I bemoan my change in plans – I was SO looking forward to hours in the car* chatting and viewing new territory, let me share pics of what I did last night!   I made a Holiday Box Elder (I think that’s the plant?!) Tree**:

With flash…    Of course, I made a PURPLE one.    I’m not much of a photographer.

With Esther Pup.

To match my big purple Christmas tree…  Yes, it’s set up in the dining room.

And finishing with a photo of Oscar and Esther – kids are precious when they sleep, yes?


And if you are wondering about my lobster tree, you will have to refer back to last year’s photos.    And thus I’m reminded that I need to get out my Holiday Lobster Flannel PJs…

*   Hub and I are good travelers together and always have fun on road trips.    So, yes, I really was looking forward to this little day trip.

** Thank you Jody for inviting me to CRAFT NIGHT at the local Florist and thank you to Kate (Cate?) for showing us how to make this tree.   I had fun.    AND to make this book-related, we talked a LOT about books and bookclubs.    Woo hoo!


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33 thoughts on “Holiday Crafting

  1. Love the holiday box elder tree! Sorry your road trip fell through. We’re at home with a snow day today – we’ll finish decorating and maybe even bake…

    1. I gots to be different. I love purple. I’m ok with not going on the trip because…. Hub just called and said he’s booking flights to Florida in February!

  2. Yay for purple! Looks like a really fun way to spend an evening! This was always my favorite time of year when I worked at a craft store — we made holiday floral arrangements almost daily! It’s so creative and relaxing.

    1. Don’t let Chris get too attached! Purple-Tree won’t last more than a month or so. *sniff*

      Yes, Esther is half way to her ultimate weight class. Sadly, she is now difficult to scoop up and hold in my arms.

  3. I love your tree! It’s kind of a bush-tree, isn’t it? So neat. And, the kids look adorable. I took some pics of my two snuggling (sort of — Isabel was kind of half-snuggling/half hanging off the chair), last night. It’s heart-warming when they get all cuddly. 🙂

    Thanks for the link!! I’m moving slowly, today — couldn’t sleep, last night — so I’ll write you in a bit.

    1. Yes, it’s a bush-tree, I guess. They do have a tendency to be more round than conical but that is creator-error.

      Get some rest; I tried to take a nap today but the pups wanted to play.

  4. I love your box elder tree. I’ve been hem-hawing about finishing the decorating because I’ve been wanting to do some different things. Wonder if I can find someone here to teach me how to make a box elder tree?

    1. Just call a local florist? I just found out a friend of mine is taking a floral arranging certification class – not just a small class but a career-prep class. I guess that isn’t related to anything but it was a great coincidence or prompt for me to yap more about this lil tree…

  5. Too bad about the road trip. The children are cuties. I love how they are snuggled up together. Purple is very regal and festive for Christmas.

    PS-In response to your earlier email-Bruges was so much fun-very very cold. It was only just below zero-but it felt so much colder. One day I rented a bike-nothing like sweating in your down filled jacket, while your feet have frozen off.

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