I Declare Some More

Thank you, Dear Readers,  for all the comments on my last post where I allowed some petty ventings to be released to the interwebs and did not expect such response.     That said, I hereby must state that the current book I am enjoying — yes! enjoying immensely, is the tour book due to be reviewed in mid-December

and I am







It is nonfiction.   I love nonfiction!
It is history (the Depression years.)  I enjoy learning more about the past.
It is personal stories of family and strangers intertangled and woven over the time and mostly within a certain geographical area.   I am always wondering about old buildings and the people that built them, used them, lived in them, and what has happened since; this book does a great job of touching on the then and now in terms of place.]

It is written by an author more than capable and skilled in research and weaving stories together that deliver emotional punch.

I’m quite moved and have already shed a few tears.

I’m halfway through;   expect my review to be positive.    🙂

Oh, the book?   A Secret Gift by Ted Gup.


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4 thoughts on “I Declare Some More

  1. So the lesson is just be very careful about the books and the tours, I guess. Find the things that really appeal to you and don’t get caught up in the buzz. Glad you found one you’re enjoying!

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