I Hereby Declare

I’ve decided one of my goals for 2011 is to not accept any tour books for read-alongs.    I am cursed or bewitched or hexed to find few if any ‘tour’ books enjoyable or satisfactory and thus will reject any and all requests for tourstops here in the near future.

I’m sorry!  I’m too picky?   too moody?   A snob?!    (I have been accused of that.  Sadly.)   Too stressed out that I might not like something others want me to like or I suspect they want me to like?    If I suspect any intention that my review will help or hurt in the marketing of a book, it just doesn’t seem to work out.

Really, it’s just not right that I don’t know my own reading tastes or am so easily swayed to read what I normally just wouldn’t choose on my own.   I don’t know.

I have only liked books pitched to me that were by the author Jennie Nash.   Everything else has just not inspired me to enjoy or to finish.      I don’t know why I say yes to these —  please stop me from accepting any more.     My blog is just NOT that kind of book blog.

Thank you.   That is all.   Carry on.

*  In regards to the very wonderful people who market books to book bloggers;  these incredible hard-working admirable folks who organize tours, I am truly sorry and wish you much success finding readers who are much more cooperative and enthusiastic about what you do for books and authors.   I just don’t happen to be one of those.   Kind of like people who dislike coconut; it doesn’t mean I don’t support your dreams to be a coconut farmer…

** I got to page 32 in one of the latest books I’ve accepted before rolling my eyes and thinking to myself, “Oh, COME on.”   This was a few pages AFTER I was stalled by a reference to a character being a doctor when the 10 pages prior were all about him being (wait for it!)   Yes, a doctor.

***   I have committed to reading and reviewing one more book for a tour and the review is due mid-December.     I will read this one book and it will be my last tour book for a long, long time.       Call me weak.      (Maybe by making this pledge, I will LOVE this upcoming book!?  Sigh.)


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52 thoughts on “I Hereby Declare

  1. Good call. I’m not swearing off all future tours, but I’ve done my best to resist over the past year. It’s not so much that I worry what people will think about what I write–more that I won’t be able to get anything worth reading written at all. Deadlines. Bah.

    1. Ali, I know! I am sure I will be tempted and it’s really not the deadlines that bother me – it is my feeling that I am hypercritical when I should be enjoying.

  2. You’re not a snob! You just have different taste. 🙂

    I had to make a similar resolution, after realising I never liked the books either. lol Now that I use the library as my source for constant free books, I’m much happier!

  3. Kudos to you! I really took on way too many tour/review books this past year and didn’t like far more of them than I liked. Now, I’m always thinking that I’ll miss something great just because I’m afraid to take a chance. But then I missed having the time to read all of the books I’ve purchased this year! I may just have to follow in your foot steps.

    1. Lisa, you did accept a lot of tour books, didn’t you! Congrats for taking that on and I know you did share about a few books I might not have heard about. And I think we both read a few that didn’t work for either of us.

    1. It does get hard to resist sometimes! I was feeling a bit sad back in October when I realized I was not going to get my challenges finished but I’ve made peace with 2010 already!

  4. You’re not alone, Care. And if you’re a snob, then so am I, because I’ve also decided not to accept any more review books for the very same reasons as yours. I’ve only accepted a few, but the ones I have accepted I really haven’t enjoyed. My “criteria” is whether this would be a book I’d otherwise check out from the library, and most of the pitches I get are ones that wouldn’t otherwise make that cut. I’d just rather read the books I want (challenges are a different story 🙂 and not be tied to tour dates, etc.

    1. Melissa, I don’t have criteria! That’s my problem… I often just follow a whim or a fancy. It’ll be fun. As long as we continue a love for reading, it’ll all work out, right?

  5. Oh gosh, I’m the same way. Tours automatically make me feel all itchy. I’m accepting books offered to me by authors and publishers, but not ones with dates. Because ones with dates make me feel all obligated and nervous.

  6. I reduced my review piles considerably too. If I do accept any book I do a lot of research, try to read an excerpt if available. Thats why I probably like most of the books I receive. That said I’m a very moody reader. I like to pick books on a whim. If I have more than 5 books to review at one time, I will probably get stressed out.

    Good for you to take a decision that suits you. We are here because we love books and if that purpose itself is not fulfilled there is very little point. Hopefully you’ll like the December book 🙂

    1. VioletCrush, weren’t you at one point frustrated that you couldn’t get review copies? I’m glad you have the option to accept. We both are moody readers! I don’t think I’ve ever had more that one tour book at a time – maybe when I had 2 (just recently) that is what caused the itchiness!
      I’m loving the December book.

  7. I would never call you a snob and certainly not for deciding not to do tours any longer. I have no clue what kind of pressure a tour brings with it, since I have never participated in one, but I think it would not fit me either. Enjoy your pressure free reading 🙂

    1. Iris, truthfully, I’ve always known that I am not cut out for tour books and have resisted many. I am going to concentrate on the books in house for 2011.

  8. Yep, I think you and I are in the exact same place right now Care. I’ve disliked nearly every review copy I’ve accepted, either not finishing them or leaving them negative reviews, except for the ones that Rosy Thornton sent me. They’re the only ones I can remember liking! So about two weeks ago, I decided to quit taking review copies altogether. I still have one tour and one review copy out, but after that, I’m done too.

  9. I’m working on freeing myself from reading obligations too, being a lot more selective in accepting review/tour books. I was so excited when the offers started rolling in that I went a little bonkers and now have about 25 ARCs I still haven’t read between authors, publishers, and LibaryThing/GoodReads. Bad Trisha.

    1. Wow! I only accepted abt 5 review books and I think that was over more than just 12 months! So, it’s not a big deal really. but 25 ARCS?! It can get addicting, yes? You are such a great fast reader and excellent reviewer – you go girl!

    1. Vasilly, You probably can also remember the ‘old’ days when wondering what the next book would be was an adventure rather than a glance at the toppling to-be-read pile in the corner… I remember those days.

  10. Not snobbish at all! I have to be selective because I have hard time getting excited about the pitch. I have to do a ton of research to make sure I’ll actually like the book because tours, with a specific date, actually stress me out.

    1. Amused, research? Naw, I’m a quick – “oooo, that sounds interesting!” books are like chocolate – hard to turn down. But my new resolve will be good for me.
      I’ll still accept chocolate if anyone wants to send it. Although, now that I think about it, I’m picky abt my chocolate, too. DARK only. 🙂

  11. Dear C, I think it’s important (and excellent) that you know what you want and like and stick with it. There’s far too few hours in a day to be spending them in a way, or in a reading place that’s not making it for you.
    You get to call the shots and I’m glad you are.

    Here’s to reading for enlightenment AND pleasure!

    (no, you’re not a snob- if you are, then there are tons of us out here. but no….)

    Enjoy and keep us current on what you’re reading/thinking/inspiring.
    And Happy Thanksgivin!

    1. Oh, Thank you for the cheer!
      I get accused of the snob tag when all the books discussed in a conversation at a party are Harlan Coben, Patterson, Grisham, Picoult,etc. I just have not read many of the ‘popular’ big name authors.

      and I wish YOU a Happy Thanksgiving. Keep writing! 🙂

  12. Care, you are like the least snobbish person in all the land. Whoever said that is crazy in the head. And of course I agree with all the other commenters who have said that you should only read what makes you happy.

    1. Jenny, Can I get a pageant sash of that? “Least Snobbish Person in the Land”! I like it. Then again, I do prefer to say things to the positive, “Most Humble”? hmmmm. Whatever.
      Thanks for your comment and support.

  13. Great post Care! I get that! I have learned that I have to accept a limited amount of tours because honestly I don’t read well on a dead line. I don’t like it when a book becomes a forced read.

    I am going forward trying to only sign up for a book tour on a book that I would really want to read.

  14. verbivore

    This is wonderful! Unfortunately, I’ve had the same experience and I’ve made the same promise. It isn’t a good sign that many of the bloggers are feeling this way. Maybe it’s a publishing issue – maybe the publishers (who have the resources to market to bloggers) need to stop buying up the books that make us say, “oh, come on!” and take some stuff that is a bit off-genre, or risky, or more thoughtful, or whatever.

    1. Oh Jeanne, ya know what? I don’t read many tour-book reviews either… Only if the book was exciting, enthralling edgy and I feel I missed something that I need explained! In other words, of books I have read already and not for one I might want to read.

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