Checking In

I haven’t read much more than the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon book in the last two weeks.   I think it is because I’m afraid to not have an eye on the puppy.   She’s not quite grasped the idea that I want to know when she needs to go outside.    Or just doesn’t care that I want to know.   Sometimes she tells me with a whimper by the door, sometimes it’s all “Hey look at me and what I can do right here, pssssssssss.”  The litle $&%#.  But she’s adorable and that’s why they make puppies so darn cute.

So I have given up on The Woman in White even though I am really enjoying it.   I just cringe every time I look at the heft of this chunkster and realize it’s been 3 weeks and I’m not even to page 100 yet.     My doctor just emailed me to ask how I’m enjoying her book Menopause Matters; I really need to dive into that before my (just a check up) appointment in 2 weeks.    And I recently lost my brain and signed up for two review copies!    SIGH.    A friend loaned me the book A Dog’s Purpose and I hate to hold on to such for too long and…   I’m overwhelmed by all my books.   Makes me want to sit and watch TV and/or play Sudoku instead.

I just found out a few bookblogger-friends have exciting news and really feel bad that I missed their joyous announcement posts.   Like being late to a party.   So CONGRATULATIONS, J and T!!     But what else have I missed?     Feel free to let me know if I need to visit and share the celebrations…

I’m not finishing my challenges.   SAD-FACE.    I’m not even looking at upcoming challenges!!    FRUSTRATED-FACE.

I’m subbing tomorrow for AP and Honors Senior English classes at the H.S.;  I’m both terribly excited and fearful.

That’s it.   Gotta run,



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29 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Hi Care! just stopping by to say hi. I hope you enjoyed your summer. Lilah and I did. For some reason I can’t imagine you without a book in your hands. I have been in a reading slump for way to long. I spent my menopause years pretending it wasn’t happening and I never did have any symptons. No hot flashes or anything else so I never took any typr of medication for it.

    1. And we have one more great day in the works for today! We did have a beautiful summer, didn’t we. Didn’t make it over to the MV unfortunately… Glad to hear your M-Pause was uneventful. 🙂

      1. Oops, I forgot to click through to allow comments into my email (I hate that extra step). MK is going great! I’m making a little money and having fun with it, so can’t complain at all.

  2. Oh my, while that indoor Pssssssss has to be horribly annoying and frustrating, I’m guessing that one look into that sweet face and all is forgiven, huh? 😛

    I really need to get my hands on Menopause Matters. I gotta tell you, I was pretty much blind-sided by all the crap that perimenopause has brought…and feel pretty stupid about how ignorant I was about it all.

    1. She does have a sweet face… it’s getting better. And she won’t be a puppy for very long.

      and I know what you mean about perimenopause – like WHAT?!

  3. You are probably already doing this, but when we were house-training our puppy, we hung a bell from the back doorknob, and rang it every time we took the puppy out. After a really short time she learned to nudge the bell with her nose or paws when she wanted to go outside.

  4. Sweet puppy! She’s gorgeous, and I’m sure that soon this troublesome potty business will take hold in her brain.

    Menopause…sigh. My body has been in whack-a-rama mode since last June. I’m slated to visit a GYN in December. Sigh again.

  5. Never fails that a picture of a puppy stops me in my tracks! very cool breed and don’t you have your hands full? but in a few months, it will all seem so easy.

    catching up on all those books? Now there’s the real challenge. And somehow you’ll manage it all beautifully.

    1. Yes, puppies are so darn adorable. and frustrating. Our ‘old’ dog is far from perfect but close enough that I love him fiercely and hope she can learn from him. (but it’s amazing how glaring his faults ARE when I watch and hope she doesn’t learn those…)

  6. Such a cute puppy, and such a lot of work (worth it in the end, though). At least the canine species will eventually listen to you; not so the feline…grrr…(but we love them anyway).
    Came by to thank you for stopping at the window and leaving kind words there. Sorry about The Woman in White. One can only do so much.

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