Read-A-Thon Oct 2010

hour 8 update – Am on page 28 of The Woman in White by WilkieCollins.


Since this is the last weekend for using the boat before we pack it up, pull it out of the water, shrinkwrap it and wistfully look forward to NEXT year,

I won’t be full-on participating in Read-A-Thon this Fall.   😦    Nope, I’ll be partying with friends at Octoberfest in Newport RI.    SO, I thought I would post this big cheer for everyone who will be setting aside time and stacks of books to read and blog and blog and cheer and read and tweet and do all that other fun stuff.


Please turn off cumbersome sign-in forms, (ie take off word verification?)   🙂     Here’s a little ditty to get you in the proper frame of mind:

The books are stacked carefully, alongside the comfy chair.

Snacks and favorite teas – at the ready; excitement is in the air.

Kids&dogs are dropped off elsewhere, spouses paid to go away,

What heavenly bliss, to sit around and only read for 24 hours this day!

DEWEY’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon


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19 thoughts on “Read-A-Thon Oct 2010

  1. Enjoy your boating and partying!

    I am participating but I have a houseguest who I suspect has different plans for me, and that includes going out for dinner at some stage. Oh well, will do my best and see how we go!

  2. well things happen
    but don’t fret mah men
    coz u could still read
    i know you can indeed!!

    sorry for the corny cheer but it’s the thought that counts rock on!

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