intense developing various

Like the title to this post?     I received a spam comment with only those three words.     I know I’ve had more interesting and humorous spam but I liked these words.     And since I haven’t finished a book in days…   weeks?!    and have nothing to post about; I felt I needed to post something!

Fyrefly always provides amusing monthly wrap-up posts and she inspired me to go check if I’ve had anything interesting lately but most of my search terms are from people who want to find books to read online:   “Where an I read ___ online?”.     I had the word scromfed bring 7 people (or one person seven times?) to my blog.

scromfed – To devour, as in food. To chow down.

and here’s the BEST one of the list:

“oh!” gasped benjamin. “thank you, fizzy

Which I invite you all to tell me what/who this might be about!   (Jill?  Softdrink?  Know anyone named Benjamin?)


Let’s play the book recommendation game.     I give you the three words in the title of this post and you tell me the first book that pops into your mind that might fit?


9 thoughts on “intense developing various

  1. Ha! Wow, I have no idea on that one.

    My search terms are probably at least 95% boring (titles or authors) or various incarnations of “do my homework for me.” It takes a little bit of digging to unearth the really bizarre ones.

  2. Haha! I’d say my search terms are most frequently about “Gone With the Wind” (I read and blogged about that one quite a while ago), but would have to look again for what the more mundane ones are.

    As for “intense developing various” the first thing that came to my mind wasn’t a book, but maybe someone is researching Intense Debate (the commenting platform)?!

  3. I frequently check what my recent search terms are, but I never remember to write them down and post about them. People surprisingly often find my blog by searching for “secret curse words.” I don’t know why. I don’t know any secret curse words.

  4. Love the idea of this post. A book recommendation I had from reading the post is the thirteenth tale by diane setterfield because so far the book is intense and I can tell some various developments are in the works 🙂

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