Copley’s Connections

I have been toying with an idea of how to incorporate my mascot, Copley the Lobster, into my blog on a more regular basis.

Meet Copley:  

He is a stuffed animal that a friend sent me all the way from across the pond and told me that he wants to see the world.     Nymeth, of book blog, is one of the most gracious and inspiring bloggers I know.   THANK YOU again Nymeth, for treating me so.

He was given the name Copley because his first excursion was to Copley Square in Boston to attend the Boston Book Festival October 2009.  

He has also traveled to New York City for the Book Blogger Convention.   He made many friends there, including Billy the Goat and Baby Death (traveling incognito.)   Photos here are thanks to

Anyway, COPLEY CONNECTIONS… I am going to highlight those random connections that thread through books I’m reading, linking them in some odd obscure way and remarking on the coincidences…  or not.    Sometimes they have obvious linkability but I was caught unaware of any shared characteristic.  For example, when I read Fingersmith, I realized that the publisher was Riverhead – the same publisher of A Thousand Splendid Suns read just prior.

DO YOU HAVE ANY odd linkings between books that don’t seem to be related in any way?    My last two books (Zeitoun and Overboard) were both nonfiction, both about weather storms in May 2005 so they perhaps are easy to link.   But it wasn’t planned.

However, on a very random note, one of my books before Overboard was Suite Scarlett which was nominated for a SAKURA Medal for High School Books award.     And in Overboard, one of the ships involved with rescuing two men lost at sea was the SAKURA Express.

I love these cool connections.    Can you think of any links between the last few books you’ve read?

*  ‘Stuffed lobster’ seems to imply he is food.  He is not.

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31 thoughts on “Copley’s Connections

  1. Two of the books I checked out the week before I left my internship, Mothernight and The Incident Report, were weirdly complementary. They both had quotations about time on the back cover (and nothing else on the back cover), and both were massively grimmer than what I was expecting. I guess they were not that similar, but they felt like they went together.

  2. I love this idea, but I have to admit I am stunned by Copley’s connection-finding abilities. He must have a lot of information stored in that brain of his.

  3. Connections? Someone was killed and in the ending the murderer was found. Oh, you didn´t mean that?
    But apart from crime, there is one thing the novel from Laos and my current read from Iceland have in common: ghosts. And this supernatural feature is even well-integrated in the story. I can accept ghosts if they are there because the characters in the area believe strongly in them.

  4. I love when I find odd links between books, but am incapable of remembering them. And whenever I read a post on the phenomenon I vow to write them down when I find them and of course I forget! But it is really a fun thing to happen!

  5. When I was in training to teach college literature classes, I remember one of the grad school professors telling me that making connections was one sign of learning.

    Sometimes it seems pretty random, though. I was reading a SF book about human sexuality and then started in on a non-fiction (gasp! not usual for me) book about animals, and reacted to the tone, which is similar about not making unwarranted assumptions.

    1. One SIGN of learning, huh? COOL. I’m learning. Learning what? That the mind can be trained to find a pattern? Yea, I don’t know… I love that you would pick up on similar tone of books… That is interesting, actually.

  6. Oh, I am so going to love Copley’s Connections! I so love those odd little connections, too. 🙂 This isn’t really a connection between my last two books, but just last evening I was reading a graphic novel (I Kill Giants) that had this scene of kids playing Dungeons & Dragons. I must admit I was a bit confused at first because I know next to nothing about D&D. At the time I was reading this, my hubby was at the bookstore with my 9-year-old. My son soon arrived home in tears because my husband had refused to buy him a $35 Dungeons & Dragons book. (The kiddo had never even heard of D&D before–he just wanted the book because it was about monsters.)

    1. Even better when an odd connection pops up with REALITY! Makes one wonder about that ol Goddess named ‘Coincidence’. (she is a Goddess, yes?)

  7. I’ve noticed the same kinds of things–maybe not quite as obscure, I’m not as observant, I think. But I started doing a thing I call “All Things In Common” to highlight the things like this that I find. It kind of makes you feel that it’s a small world after all. Oh carp–now I’m going to have that song stuck in my head all evening!

  8. I never thought Corpley would become a part of the blogging community himself… I swear, it warms my heart to see 😀

    Also, I love those unexpected little connections between things. Kind of like learning a new work and then having it pop up like 3 times the following week. I’m going to enjoy this feature for sure!

    1. And sometimes, these connections happen over blogs. Like random blogs featuring a theme so to speak without it being an organized ‘tour’. 🙂

      1. Same delicious food, same props as from the old place…what’s disconcerting is that the new place is so open and airy and CLEAN. When I was there, they hadn’t gotten their liquor license yet, so no beer with my food! I bet with that strategic location out on 50 hwy they cleaned up big time during the fair.
        Copley, don’t worry. I ate the 8-piece catfish dinner.

        1. What?! no voodoo beer?!?! and CLEAN. ?! *shudder* Gawd, I love their catfish dinner… someday, I’ll be back. It’s on my perpetual bucket list.

    1. Ha, you should have been inside my head for some of the train ride home from BEA/BBC… Copley’s _____, (crap, I can’t even remember what all the C-words I had in my head to make some kind of feature with..) Copley’s – … , really! I had some and now I am blanking. This is embarrassing.

  9. chandragarbanzo

    A blog mascot? Why didn’t I think of that? What a good idea. I like how you’ve taken him places and snapped a pic. I’ve seen other bloggers do that with books (my book in San Fran, my book in Alberta, etc.), but this is cute too.

  10. Fun thoughts….. after coming off a Leadership retreat last night where I had no electricity for 72 hours and drove home the 5 1/2 hours back to civilization – my mind is too fried to make any connections…. just sparks as I get plugged in again 😀

    I know I have had these because I have marveled at them before like when I discover two books I read in a row come from the same area, or have a common character name…. I remember a while back I read Dear John and that was my first encounter with Asperger’s Disease. I had never heard of it before. The read after that was House Rules – also about Asperger’s. I have read a few books since that also have mentioned this although my choosing the books had nothing to do with that.

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