COBC Day: Fingersmith

TODAY!   We’re talking about Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.      Did you read it?   Did you love it?   Any insight to share?    Favorite quotes?

It’s almost 7 am – I have some errands to run and then have all day to devote to discussing this book.   We’ll have to figure it out in a few posts, I think….    AND we need to pick a book for OCTOBER 10.   I need to take a break for September – I will be out of town and I’m finding it incredibly difficult to blog only with my iPad access.

Iris On Books has a post today on Fingersmith!

Fyrefly listened to the audio.  –> “The plot was … insanely well-put-together, with twists that I never, ever saw coming, yet that interwove in such a way that everything came together in the end.”

Literary Omnivore –>  “Nobody does repression better than the Victorians. Plot is run on conflict, and nothing says conflict like girls in love across class boundaries in Victorian England.”

Kate at Literary Transgressions, “… notice how perfect the structure of the plot was and how beautifully symmetrical the outcome.”

Laughing Stars’ review includes a great discussion of the social and women’s issues of the novel (and a few spoilers if you are wanting to avoid…)

And Amanda didn’t love it as much as most (referred to as The Fingersmith Club!) of the blogging world and that’s OK, too.   🙂

Daphne has a terrific recap and extra thoughts on Fingersmith and the author.

(I’ll keep adding as I find them….  These seem to be most recent.)

13 thoughts on “COBC Day: Fingersmith

  1. I did not participate this month because I was studying for the bar, but I am excited to jump in and participate in October. If you are in favor of multi-tasking, maybe we could read something that would count for the women unbound or other challenges.

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