Fingersmith Update & Reminder

I completed my reading of Fingersmith last night – I was a bit bummed that I couldn’t get it into July’s book count but whatever.    I have quite a few page corners turned down, too!

So, rather than a review or thoughts post right now, I thought I would just list the few lines and quick impressions.    Ask away if you have any questions you would like me to answer.      I will hopefully post this weekend or Monday.

In the meantime, keep reading YOUR copy of Fingersmith and come back here on August 10!

Page 117 – is this foreshadowing or right out ‘foreTELLING’?

“We were thinking secrets.  Real secrets, and snide*.  Too many to count.  When I try now to sort out who knew what and who knew nothing, who knew everything and who was a fraud, I have to stop and give it up, it makes my head spin.”

Page 202 – on the status of women:

“Had they been gentlemen, and rich – instead of women – then they would have passed as scholars and commanded staffs.”

page 293 – How thoroughly fascinating is poor Maud’s ‘education’ –

“…  I thought desire smaller, neater;  I supposed it bound to its own organs as taste is bound to the mouth, vision to the eye.”

page 302  – I don’t quite understand the last line of Chap 10, Part Two.

“And so you see it is love – no scorn, not malice; only love – …”

Page 376 – on deadly fabric dye!   I read all about this in a book about the color mauve:

“Only a touch of arsenic in that green – won’t harm you at all, so long as you keep from sweating too hard in the bodice.”


* snide – Brit term for counterfeit.


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9 thoughts on “Fingersmith Update & Reminder

    1. I thought it very insightful. Waters has proven herself to be VERY creative. I can almost imagine her as one who gets giddy with ideas and enjoys her craft.

  1. Arg. Everything I read about this book confirms that I MUST read it. Unfortunately, I won’t get to it in time for your book club discussion, but I’ll definitely come back and reference it when I read it. Thanks for the quotes!

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