Save-the-Date – August 10 – Fingersmith – COBC

I just started reading our next book,  FINGERSMITH by Sarah Waters, for the next COBC Discussion August 10th!     I’m excited that 8/10 is a Tuesday.  Tuesdays are good days for me.

AND, since this sounds like it will be a spoilerFULL discussion, I will set up that post with a SPOILER-free opening page where we can just say the like/dislikes and then we can JUMP over to another page where we can discuss the OMG!!!s.    Sound like a plan?

Have you started reading yet?   You have 15 days…

Thanks to Sheila at Book Journey for these awesome buttons!    

Also, be thinking of suggestions for Sept 10.    That one will be a Friday and I already know it is going to be tough for me to be involved that weekend so it may end up spilling over to the next Monday/Tuesday…   AndButSo, if you have a short book you are needing to read for Sept, pitch it.    I was thinking Wind, Sand and Stars might be a nice one (it will be a re-read for me.)


13 thoughts on “Save-the-Date – August 10 – Fingersmith – COBC

  1. I’m excited to see what everyone has to say! I ended up talking about Fingersmith with my boss the other day–bookish squeeing is a great leveler, it turns out. :p

  2. Kathleen

    I just read Fingersmith a few months ago and really loved it. I can’t wait to hear what you all think about it.

  3. I haven’t started yet, but it is on my list! I hope I’ll manage to read it by then but I think so. Wouldn’t want to disappoint you!

    1. Once you start, you’ll fly through it! I don’t want to do anything else and am already re-arranging my day to get as much reading time in as I can.

    1. Awesome. I am now in the second part; the narrator shifts and we see everything from first part with these *new* eyes and it’s SO GOOD.

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