Good Dog. Stay.

Thoughts   Good Dog.  Stay. by Anna Quindlen, Random House 2007, 82 pages and lots of awesome photos of dogs.

MOTIVATION for Reading:    Every July 4th since moving to New England, we have had the pleasure and privilege of attending the family get-together of my mom’s older sister.    The gals in this clan are all readers and we have a tradition of swapping, sharing, and chatting about books.   This year, my cousin handed me this one and said I would love it.    I did not doubt that I would.     What I was afraid of was that I would have my heart wrenched and my face drenched with tears.   I did.

WHAT’s it ABOUT:   Ms. Quindlen describes the impact of sharing your life with a dog by focusing on one dear Labrador and how he came to be a part of her family.  The word count is low but the emotional content is high.    I wouldn’t call Quindlen a sentimental writer but she knows how to be effective and smart.     The book contains many beautiful black and white portraits of a variety of dog breeds and they all capture your heart – if you’re a dog lover, I might presume.

In a world that seems so uncertain, in lives that seem sometimes to ricochet from challenge to upheaval and back again, a dog can be counted on in a way that’s true of little else.

Anna Quindlen won the Pulitzer Prize for her column in the New  York Times and is now focusing on writing fiction and nonfiction, plus a regular contribution in Newsweek. She is a terrific writer.

RATING:   Four slices of pie.

This is my Oscar.   He is 5 years old.


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