COBC’s August Book Selection Scheduled 8/10/10

Just realized that I still don’t have a button….

Allow me to introduce the selection for the August Discussion of Care’s Online Book Club.   (You did figure out that COBC is the acronym for Care’s Online Book Club, right?    good.)

FINGERSMITH by Sarah Waters!!!

Blurb on my copy, quote from Entertainment Weekly:

A deftly plotted thriller with two equally compelling heroines, orphans Sue Trinder and  Maud Lilly.  Manipulated by someone she knows only as Gentleman, Sue is sent to a country estate to work as Maud’s maid and help him woo the simple heiress.  The plot twists = then again and again – until one girl is in a terrifying insane asylum and another and another held captive.  An absorbing and elegant story that’s old fashioned in the best way.

How about I share the link in Wikipedia to the novel (there’s also a BBC television series?  oo la la!) and what I found in for “Fingersmith” which is also about the TV series, I guess…    Anyone seen it?

I want to read this because of the author mostly – I probably thought I would start with Tipping the Velvet but this one fell into my house one day – can’t quite recall how.    Fingersmith does seem to pop up often on the best-of lists around the blogosphere.

I do think we need to change up the format until we get something that…   feels right.   The best ReadAlong that I’ve participated in set a date and then everyone who participated blogged on or after (some before, I guess – that’s fine, too) said scheduled date and the Leader would post the various links to everyone’s posts.  Then everyone and then some commented at the Leader’s post and everywhere else.     Any suggestions?     Or we can keep trying what I’ve attempted so far which is a list of questions from yours truly on the 10th of the month and participants may comment answers or whatever strikes the fancy.  Ever flexible, I take suggestions.

Tell me now, have you read Fingersmith?   ☆  Loved it?   yes or no.    ☆   I am guessing the genre is Victorian Thriller.   Is this a genre  you adore?     ☆     If you haven’t read it, is it already on your tbr?   ☆    If the answer is YES to that last question, why do you want to read it?  ☆   Are you going to join me? If you need help being convinced, does knowing it was a finalist for the Orange Prize assist you in deciding?

If you’ve already read Fingersmith, you can leave a link here and/or come back on August 10.   Thank you all.


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26 thoughts on “COBC’s August Book Selection Scheduled 8/10/10

  1. I *had* a copy of Fingersmith on my shelves, years ago. But, I didn’t read it and it sat on the shelf for years and then I went through one of those, “Good Lord, it’s just evil to own this many books” phases (I’m going through that, again) and weeded it out. Darn. I would have liked to join COBC.

  2. This will be so interesting to see how you all can discuss this without giving it away since it is so full of twists and turns! I **loved** this book – I actually threw it at my husband when I was done and said, “you HAVE to read this NOW!!!” Then we both watched the BBC version, but didn’t like it as much as the book, possibly because we knew what was coming all the time. But it will be so much fun to see the discussions you have!!!

    1. What?! who says we can’t give away the twists and turns! I think spoilers are allowed in a discussion. I will be sure to post a warning, though.
      Love your reaction – this is gonna be GOOOOD.

  3. Fingersmith has been on my wishlist for forever and ever since I started blogging almost every blogger has told me that I need to read it. I am not sure if I can get my hands on a copy before 08/10, but if I do, I’ll certainly join you.

  4. I haven’t read any Sarah Waters, but hear that Fingersmith is good. I hope I can join you for this read-a-long.

    Anna and I have been doing discussion questions at War Through the Generations for our Paco’s Story read-a-long with members and nonmembers. It seems to be working out OK. our next set of discussion questions will be up on Wed., if you want to check it out

  5. This book’s been languishing at the bottom of my shelf for the longest time now. I don’t know if I can exactly do a readalong (all readalongs I somehow signed up for ended up not me reading along with the rest of them, haha), maybe this is a good time as any to have this uh, dusted 🙂

    But I’ll join you. I mean, I hope I have free enough time by August to do so.

  6. I actually finished this a few days ago! Once I get around to writing/posting my review I will come back and post the link, but the short version is that I didn’t love it nearly so much as everyone else seems to. The story was good and the atmosphere was great and the twists and turns were unexpected but man alive it could have stood to be about 40% shorter without sacrificing anything.

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  8. This is one I want to read! I updated the link for Word Shakers to have this as your current on line book club read. I will have to see if I can fit this one in. I want too! 😀

  9. Ruthiella

    Hi Care,

    I am conicidentally reading “Fingersmith” right now. I am about 100 pages in and would agree that “Victorian Thriller” would work as an apt genre for the book. More generally, I think “Literary Fiction” and/or “Historical Fiction” could work as well. I wanted to read it because I read “Little Stranger” by Sarah Waters a few months ago, which I liked but did not love. Becky of suggested I try either “Fingersmith” or “The Night Watch” for “better” results. The Orange Prize had nothing to do with it. I am going to join you! Yippee!

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