Movie Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont

To followup and conclude another entry in my Challenge to Read the Book –> See the Movie, I hereby report that the film Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont, starring Joan Plowright, is


A beautiful adaption of the novel by Elizabeth Taylor.     My thoughts on the ‘read’ portion is here.

Something interesting for discussion – even if you have not read/seen this – is the concept of how can  perfectly in love parents produce not so delightful children….     I found this in the forum posts at the review on     One dilemma of the story is how warm and wise and delightful Mrs. Palfrey is but her daughter is cold and uncaring.    Someone hinted that sometimes a mother and father are so totally devoted to each other that they don’t have anything left over to give to their kids!      Perhaps this is why the widow Mrs. Palfrey feels so alone and abandoned in her later years.     (But it doesn’t explain why her grandson is also such a twit.   You might think some qualities would skip a generation but not in this family.)

Rupert Friend is ADORABLE.    Any P&P fans?   He was Wickham.  


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3 thoughts on “Movie Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont

  1. So…I always laugh at people who use themselves as an example to prove the efficacy of various parenting techniques (“My parents ENCOURAGED me to take candy from strangers in cars! And I came out fine!”), but I should really stand up for perfectly-in-love parents. My parents are super-much in love, and I also think they were as nearly perfect parents as any parents can be.

    1. Wonderful comment! I’m so happy for your parents! And I really didn’t mean for it to sound like some kind ‘RULE’ where kids are all messed up if the parents are too ga-ga for each other. Well, that didn’t sound right… But, it was a question that popped up in my head while watching is HOW could Mrs.P be so awesome and have such a wretched daughter?! Obviously your parents must have struck the right balance to turn out such great progeny.

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