Friday Free For All

Hello.   How long has it been since I treated you to a random spouting of whatever is on my mind?    I think I could yap for many words this morning AND still keep it about books.     Got LOTS to say, it seems, and of course, all my sentence/thoughts are TOO LONG for Twitter.  😛   Besides, sometimes yelling into the Twitter void is loneliness-inducing.    I’ll say something and no one reacts.   So I just fell silly.   Like I’m in a room full of people shouting something (not) profound; everyone keeps right on talking.    Even worse, is the feeling that everyone stops for just a silent second to glance at me and then resumes talking.   Twitter CAN be intimidating, admit it. (yes, I do know that I should just jump in and react to someone else’s tweet – gotta be a friend to have a friend…)

See?  I’ve already rambled on and have barely even started.

I am now reading Night by Elie Wiesel;  inspired by my finishing The Book Thief (and the fact that Night is less than 200 pages, who am I kidding?!)       I have a confession.   Of course, I knew this book was about his time in the Nazi concentration camps but I didn’t realize it was about his crisis of faith.    I don’t know why this gives me pause, but it is sobering and somber and quietly dread-full.       I think I might have to seek out Viktor Frankel’s Man’s Search for Meaning as a counterpoint/companion read next.   How did I get on a Holocaust themed book run?

On a lighter note, I decided I could very well pop in an audio book to help Jen celebrate her Audio Week Extravaganza!    So I’m halfway through listening to Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson and I am IN LOVE with the setting!    What a wonderful NYC book!   I’m fond of this book already; fond of the main character and her family.

Which brings me to a question that you may want to address in a comment if you so wish:     Does it intimidate you to see the HOURS of LISTENING on an audio book case as compared to a book’s page count?     It does me.      So, when I saw that Suite Scarlett is NINE hours, I thought “OK, quite do-able.”    and yet, I *know* that I can read about 50-60 pages an hour and could if I wanted to convert a book reading time to hours, but I never do.

On similar note (maybe), I downloaded the audio of The Broom of the System by David Foster Wallace and the key-card doesn’t tell me how many hours it is.   WHY do you think I assume it is many?   Many like is LOTS?    I’m scared to look up the page count…    I was about to write another sentence with a form of the word ‘intimidation’ in it and that’s just silly.   I have to get over what that word means!

Which reminds me of that quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

I am hoping to put together a pre-discussion post of  questions for Franny & Zooey – I suppose, I should write a review, too – and just wanted to let you know that I ended up liking it very much.    Not what I was expecting to after the first 40 pages.   In fact, I may have to re-read the Franny section.    I didn’t do a good job of taking notes so I might have to re-read the whole thing…   oh well.

I’m also reminded that I need a button.  and a note in my sidebar.   And I want to thank Florinda for sharing the link to the kickoff in one of her announcement posts!

AND.     For August 10, I hereby announce the book will be Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.

Maree is hosting a discussion/readalong of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods on July 10th, too.   I got the book! I’ve been saying I need to read some NG for years now.

Jenny over at Jenny’s Books will be celebrating Diana Wynne Jones (an author I had never heard of until I started to read Jenny’s blog which you should read, too) – check out her announcement of that special week here.   I want to read Howl’s Moving Castle or Eight Days of Luke.

Have I also shared that we are planning on vacation for July 10th (the F&Z discussion) and it is extremely possible that I won’t have internet access on that date?!?!??!?!?     I’m sticking my head in the sand and refusing to acknowledge this possibility.   DRAT IT ALL.    I can’t go and tell the Hub to cancel vacation because I screwed up and scheduled an internet chat, now can I?     Well, I wish I could but he’ll just turn around and ask me how much money I’m making on this blog-thing and ha-ha…   I’ll see what I can do.   Maybe I can get that I-Pad thingy figured out by then?   It’s on my list of to-do’s before July 4th.

What else, what else?    I had a brain full of topics to address!  Where did they go?

I received Making the Rounds with Oscar by David Dosa, MD from my new-friend-from-BEA Esme at Chocolate & Croissants (thank you!) which she was so wonderfully generous to send me because I was complaining that I couldn’t find this book in LARGE PRINT.    (The one she sent isn’t in large print, either – I don’t think they printed an LP edition.)   My desire was that I wanted to get this for the library at the HOME FOR THE AGED where I volunteer and the residents prefer Large Print.     (It’s the largest Large Print library on the southcoast of Massachusetts!)

Finally, I leave you with a photo of a DOG named Oscar.


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43 thoughts on “Friday Free For All

  1. I am intimidated both by Twitter and by the long hours of listening that reading audiobooks would entail. I know exactly how you feel about saying something and nobody responding – I know that’s just how Twitter works, etc., but it does make me feel a bit silly. And with audiobooks, I always think of all the books I could read in the hours it would take to listen to one.

    Thanks for the DWJ Week shoutout!! 🙂

    1. I am shocked that two people have already read this entire post. I guess that is an assumption. 🙂
      Thanks for the read, the comment and for the DWJ awareness campaign.

      1. I saw your pingback when I was looking at Jenny’s post, which is why I was so fast. The post hadn’t shown up in Google Reader yet, so I felt a little special 😉

      2. Hahaha, I get up early. Very very early. Otherwise I don’t have time to drink my coffee in as leisurely a fashion as I prefer.

  2. I am intimidated by David Foster Wallace, period, but someone told me The Broom of the System is pretty accessible to people like me. Oscar is beautiful!

    1. I’m intimidated by Infinite Jest! but I can’t wait to read his essays – especially the one about lobsters.
      (aint Oscar Pup the cutest?!?!)

  3. I read Night in high school and yes, it is INTENSE. I think I heard somewhere, some time, that many Europeans became atheist after either WWI or WWII.

  4. An audiobook that is hours and hours long doesn’t intimidate me (and, honestly, 9 hours is a pretty medium to short audiobook), because I know I’m not going to just sit and listen like I would just sit and read. I’ll listen while driving, walking, cleaning, etc, which would all just be wasted time other, book-wise, without it. I figure I’ll just finish whenever I’ve done all of those things long enough to finish.

    1. It’s a habit I would like to get into. I do have tasks (ahem) to do around the house that would work perfectly for time to listen. It’s remembering to do so!

  5. I feel the same way about Twitter! And I’m always hesitant to jump into another conversation. I mean, I wouldn’t just do that any place else. And when I’ve tried, I often get no response which is as good as saying “butt out, lady.” And my little psyche can only take so much rejection!

    1. Aw Twitter. I supposed like all technology, it can be GOOD and it can be NOT-so-good. I think I’ll go find one of your random tweets right now. 🙂

  6. Oh, let’s see. Lots to comment on here! I agree, Twitter can be a lot like shouting into the void. I tend to view it as a mini-update for my blog page more than anything else.

    I loved both Fingersmith and American Gods. Loved, loved, loved.

    I’m very interested in reading Franny and Zooey. Next time I come across it at the library I will pick it up.

    I read Night awhile ago but for some reason can barely remember it. I must re-read, and then read Frankel. That sounds like a good way to do it.

    1. Do you like posts that give tons of ideas for comments? me, too. I’m glad to see you loved both AG and Fingersmith. Are both of these considered fantasy genre? Well, whatever, it doesn’t really matter.
      I recall being very inspired by Frankel but I’m in a serious funk with Night.

  7. YES about Twitter being intimidating and scary. I often say things that no one else responds to and then I feel stupid, too.

    1. Truly, THAT is the fun of Twitter, I guess! That you don’t have to feel (or shouldn’t) that you are being snubbed. It’s just a giant posting board, right? But getting into some of the amazing convos is like waiting for lightening to strike. 🙂 Now I’m feeling guilty for not responding to everyone’s void-shouts!!

  8. Love the rant…. I just got home from work (on my day off – but do not get me started on that…) and while I am mind numbingly eating chocolate ice cream directly out of the container while reading your post and waiting for my hubby so we can go out to dinner (yeah…. I know, I should stop eating the ice cream….

    I laughed at your twitter comments….I get that… sometimes people are super chatty, other times – crickets… 😀

    I too am doing the audio week, just wish I could have done more but life is crazy right now and evening listening to audios takes energy.

    SO cool that Esme sent you that book! How sweet is she!

    Oh – also, I seen you struggled with my blog today and the pictures. GAH! I kicked it so it should be ok now 😀

    Have a great evening Care!

    1. LOVE IT! Ice cream is the BEST.
      Thanks for offering to make a button! I just have felt very pressed for time. Ya know – juggling musts with wants and watching hands on the clock SPEEDING round and round.

    1. Actually, I might need you to explain that FB photo thing again. You made it seem easy but I just havent’ had any time to ‘play’.

  9. Ditto to the Twitter comments. It is definitely loneliness-inducing! As for audios, I can’t get in to them. I read so much faster and enjoy reading so much more than listening.

    1. I hear ya. I get the situations when they ‘make sense’ (like cleaning!?) but I just never think of it. All the reasons people like audio books are fascinating, though. More than I thought and all make sense.

  10. My brain is on slow-mo today, so I don’t have anything interesting to add except that yes, sometimes the length of audios freaks me out, but I tend to listen to them from the library and books I might not grab otherwise and listen when I wouldn’t get to read anyway, so it’s added reading time even if it’s slow.

    1. WAKE UP BRAIN! oh, days ago, already. Hope you are well! Did I miss a review of An Education? I have gotta to get out and visit…

  11. I like that Eleanor Roosevelt quote. That’s definitely one I’ll keep in mind while I’m at work, along with “Serenity now!” from Seinfield.

  12. OK, Yes, Twitter. well, I joined recently and I feel silly. Look me up (embejo) if you want. I’ll join in and tweet with you!

    Night: Oh my. I just read it too. The atrocities blow my mind. I have read Holocaust books before but I’m always shocked. It is almost inconceivable that it all happened in our very recent history.

    1. I did! You’re now my Twit-friend! now we need to have a convo despite the time difference… someday, huh?
      I enjoyed your thoughts on Night. Atrocities. Just. ugh…

  13. I’ll be on vacation starting July 10th, too…we’re going to Tahoe. How about you?

    I’d talk to you on Twitter, but we never seem to be on there at the same time. 😀

    I have the same reaction to audio book hours. And then I convert it into drives to work and back (about 20 minutes each way) to figure out how many work days of listening it is. And then I get overwhelmed and decide to listen to music.

    Hi Oscar!

    1. Oscar says hi back!
      We’re boating over to Long Island which means I really should find that Sag Harbor book that was hot last year. But first it’s July4th holiday in Maine.
      Have a fab vacation! Can Hamburger surf at Tahoe?

  14. lol…i’ve pretty much broken up with twitter for the same reasons you’ve mentioned. i did enjoy conversing ‘real-time’ with some book bloggers, but agree that most times comments end up falling into a void!

    now, on to audio books. have i mentioned that i LOVE them? i can’t drive without one! i always have a few extras in my car in case i finish one. i drive about 2,500 miles each month and they SAVE ME.

    i listened to a few really long ones–the cell by stephen king was 30 discs–but i get so involved in the story that i sometimes sit in my driveway after getting home just to hear the end of a chapter. 🙂

    1. Safe to say that Twitter is like just checking in on the activities room at the college student center just to see if anything is ‘happening’ and then going back to study when nothing is.
      I’m glad audios work so well for you. So you must live a wee distance from your school, huh? or is that from all the wandering around vacations you take. 🙂

  15. Me too about Twitter–you articulate the feeling so well! I prefer the more conversational feel of Facebook.

    The length of a book or audiobook is sometimes part of the attraction for me–I don’t want to run out–but I’m a fast reader, so often I pick classics or better books for audio, because it’s excruciating to have to move through lesser writing so slowly.

    The DFW essay about lobsters is one of the best pieces written on the subject ever. I’ve read entire books about lobsters that told me less.

    Maybe the Franny and Zooey chat could go on over several days or a week? You might open it up for more conversation that way.

    1. YES – great idea for planning some kind of week-long discussionish like agenda. (how’s THAT for articulation?)

      I love your idea for audio-selection. Makes terrific sense. I do think I would enjoy certain books read to me but then I would hate to not be able to write down my vocab words (like when driving)

  16. I think of twitter as one big conversation. I jump in and out of it a lot though; but I always try to say “hi!” when I see you because you’re often not on at the same time as me.

    Oooh, I need to check out the DWJ challenge – I loved Howl’s Moving Castle.

    Yay for American Gods!! 😀 😀 😀

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