Thoughts   Blankets by Craig Thompson, Top Shelf Productions 2003, 582 pages.

MOTIVATION for READING:       For the Graphic Novel selection of the Twenty in Ten Challenge.    I borrowed from my friend Ree from book club.

WHAT’s it ABOUT:   First love, coming of age, struggles with the ideas of religion and family.

Can I just say that I did enjoy this book but I felt it had abrupt chapter changes?     I think this suffered – for me – from the weight of too heavy expectations.     I am extremely impressed with the talent of the author.    I appreciated the sharing, I felt the pain and loneliness, I am glad to have read/experienced this; but I am not over-the-top gushy about it.    (again, NOT that I didn’t love it, …  sigh)

I will, however, point you to many  a-favorable review from bloggers whose opinions I reverently respect:

Jenny’s Mumsy at Jenny’s Books, Nymeth’s things mean a lot, Chris @ Stuff As Dreams Are Made On, Bart’s Bookshelf, Lu at Regular Ruminations, Melody’s Reading Corner, The Zen Leaf, Aarti from BookLust, and Kim that Sophisticated Dork.

Reading and re-reading the posts from the links above makes me wonder if my heart was placed in the freezer just before I opened this illustrated novel.     Actually, the last few ‘moving’ books (Watership Down, Ethan Frome) which are supposed to be water-works inducing, failed to provoke any tears whatsoever.   SO.   Perhaps it is mood and I haven’t been sensitive enough of late.     Please don’t hold it against me.    (I can only imagine Nymeth’s severe disappointment in me right now!) Perhaps I just suck at self-evaluation and understanding what and why I like a book.    I will soon be re-reading The Book Thief, a favorite of mine (read for the first time just last year) so let’s see if I cry this time.   I love to cry with books.     I’ll let you know.

Feel free to leave a link to your review and/or share your thoughts here.     AND, leave me a recommendation for another Graphic Novel that maybe I might want to read — just don’t tell me I must.

RATING:   Three slices of pie.


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19 thoughts on “Blankets

  1. I just read and really didn’t like a book that two of my best blogging buddies loved. What can we do! As for graphic novel suggestions, I would recommend American Born Chinese.

  2. I read and reviewed this one, and really liked it, but not all graphic novel messages are for me either. I really liked Cairo, and I’m also a fan of Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novels about Iran. Some of them are rather gritty in topic, but I like her graphic representation of her cultural experience. It’s actually pretty interesting.

    I’m just exploring this new field of graphic novels, so it’s always fun to find out about more about them and how we all read them.

    Great review and reflection here.

  3. I liked this one, but I don’t think you’re dead inside for NOT liking it. I think I liked the art more than much of the other stuff. When Nymeth and I discussed it, I noticed that she noticed many more things than I did in the read.

    Perhaps you would like Guy Delisse’s graphic travel memoirs? I think you might. They don’t make me cry, either, so you won’t feel insensitive at least!

  4. LOL…I had to laugh at “I can only imagine Nymeth’s disappointment in me” :p I highly doubt she’s disappointed in you :p Your heart is not frozen, Care!! Far from it! It would be an odd world if every person felt the exact same about every book.

  5. Sometimes I think it is a relief when bloggers DISagree on a book. I have friends who share my taste which means that 9 times out of 10 we think the same about a crime novel, but it is easier for me to see that the blogger is honest if he/she finds faults with a novel once in a while, especially a book most other bloggers love. And I don´t think we ruin the lives or careers of writers by being honest as long as we are also fair e.g. by mentioning the positive aspects of the book. Now and then a less than glowing review even makes me curious enough to try the book myself.

  6. Is Watership Down supposed to be a tearjerker? It never made me cry… I don’t think you’re dead inside for not loving this one! I actually wasn’t crazy about it the first time I read it, and it’s grown on me a lot since then.

  7. I echo the others. You’re definitely not dead inside for not loving this book. I always enjoy reading other bookbloggers’ opinions, whether or not if they love the book or not. After all, it’d get boring if all of us have the same opinions of books. 😉

  8. Psha, you are so silly! Just because you didn’t have an emotional connection to the characters in this graphic novel doesn’t mean you are dead inside. Don’t worry about it! There are lots of books that are supposed to be emotionally heart wrenching that I find just a little boring. Now Blankets is my baby, so I might have to go give it a hug and tell it it did nothing wrong, but no big deal 😉

    1. I never quite said I was ‘dead inside’!!! – I just said my heart was a bit chilled that day maybe.
      You go right on and hug the book.

  9. LOL! I suffer when I have too much expectations from a book. I have this one sitting here, but I haven’t read it yet. Don’t worry about not liking a book enough. It happens to all of us when we go through “that phase of the blues”.

  10. Ree Donnelly

    I rarely cry over books, and I am one very emotional girl… IDK why, I just don’t. What a good story tho… he exposed his emotions & boy ya just felt so deeply for him. A good read! Glad you liked it!!!!

  11. I picked this book up the last time I was at the comic shop and I knew I had to buy it asap. However, I didn’t get it right then since I already had an armload full of stuff and since it’s not a slight book it was more than I’m used to forking over at the comic store. But it’s on it’s way to me right now from amazon.

    Mood makes a big difference for me too as to whether or not I enjoy a book. Sometimes as I’m reading I recognize things like, “oh, I would have enjoyed this so much more if I’d read it LAST year.” I applaud you for sharing your honest opinion.

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