Book Blogger Con Awesome!

I had a great time in NYC for the Book Expo America and Book Blogger Conference!    Made lots of new friends, met long-time blogger friends in person, picked up a ton of review copies, and had a fantastic time.

I have a few reviews of books read and not yet discussed and won’t have much time until mid-June to post about them (and all the books I finish reading during that time) so just know, I will be back.     AND PLEASE!   If you have a photo of Copley the Lobster, could you post/link or send?   Thanks!   ☺   Silly me, didn’t bring a camera…


26 thoughts on “Book Blogger Con Awesome!

  1. I can’t wait to see all those photos of Copley living the good life. It’s a comfort to know that even though I couldn’t make it, my envoy had fun 😉

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  3. Care-it was fun sharing a room and getting to know you. I cannot wait to start reading your posts and finding new titles to add to my neverending list.

  4. Glad you had a great time. Too bad I didn’t run into you at BEA. Unfortunately, I had to travel to MA for a wedding and wasn’t able to stay for the blogger con.

  5. Care – I will have to look and see if I caught Copley on camera! Enjoy your reading and I am watching your reviews. You gave me such wonderful titles when we were chatting books.

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