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When I logged into Twitter this morning (with the idea to request book recommendations* on something my husband asked me about, more details at the end of this post if you are curious), I saw a ton of tweets with the tag #BloggersWithoutMakeup.

FULL CONFESSION HERE.    I was at first thinking “oh no, now we have to protest the whole concept of wearing makeup” which can be quite the charged discussion topic — one I myself often feel conflicted about.   Andsobut,  like trying not to look at a car crash (Can’t we all just get along?!), I clicked along to find out what all this twittering was all about.   I’m very glad I did!

MORE FULL CONFESSION HERE.    I am a proud representative of a cosmetic company and love love love the products I mostly sell to myself.    I have not been as active as I was 10 years ago and still debate what my goals are for my involvement.   THAT SAID, I do not wear “makeup” every day.    Most of my closest friends continually forget that  ‘I sell M__ K__’;  I just don’t bring it up very often if ever.    I have figured out that sales is a role of persistence and I’m not motivated to be so dedicated, I guess.

MAKEUP is FASHION.   WEARING CLOTHES can be a fashion statement and some clothes are more ‘fashionable’ than others.   For me, face cream and sunscreen are a necessity – functional and required.   Just like wearing my unmentionables, jeans, a sweatshirt and shoes if I go outside to retrieve the mail.     But mascara may or may not be applied.     It depends on what I feel like more than anything.      I am not one of the ladies that must be all decked out if the possibility exists I might be seen by someone I know.     But to go out to dinner or to a party or be a substitute teacher, you bet.   I get all dressed up and ‘look my best’ — which means foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick.

And how funny is it that I was just asking a friend last night that I need someone to take a new ‘pretty’ photo of me for Facebook!    Well, now that I read the WONDERFUL post by the blogger who was inspired to declare today Bloggers Without Makeup and WHY, I decide to join in.      Here’s me, taken 10 minutes ago:

I’ll likely look a bit more ‘fashionable‘ for Book Blogger Con in a few weeks….

*  OK, the hub asked me to find a book of examples:

I need to find a website, reference book, or whatever to help with putting things in examples….     For instance, we drive 5 million miles a year  —  that is the same distance as going around the world 7 times… Any idea where there might be something to help equate that type of stuff?

Any recommendations/assistance would be greatly appreciated!   THANKS


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37 thoughts on “Bloggers Without Makeup

  1. I should have done this because I don’t wear makeup all that often. I’m not that good at applying it, so when I do wear it, it doesn’t make much difference in my appearance.

    I have no idea where to find books like that.

    1. I just thought it so interesting that I have been searching for a ‘good’ photo of myself and then when I read this post, I wondered – WHO am I trying to impress?! Photos never tell the whole story anyway, right?

      Thanks for the attempt on the example book. I am having little luck on google search and am hoping twitter yields something. 🙂

  2. You look beautiful! 🙂

    Personally, I don’t wear any makeup at all, but this isn’t because of some sort of stance on makeup. My skin is VERY sensitive, and growing up, no matter what kind of makeup was put on me (hypoallergenic or not), it would start to smear because my face would oil up. If I wore mascara for an hour, just mascara, everything from my forehead to my neck would start oozing. Allergic reaction, no matter how non-allergy the makeup was. Needless to say, I didn’t wear any makeup whenever I could help it! While the reaction is no longer as bad, I still have issues with makeup, and if you couple that with the fact that I never learned how to apply it correctly due to my inability to wear the stuff, I’ve just never worn makeup. I managed to let them put some on me for my sister’s wedding a couple years ago, and people didn’t even recognize me. I’ll be at BEA as makeup-less as I’ve always been. 🙂

    1. Thanks Amanda! I understand the allergy/sensitivity issues – I can only imagine how painful a reaction can be. I really consider makeup just another fashion accessory. Either/or, some or plenty – whatever.

      Truthfully, I’m stressing about what to wear to NYC – I want pretty AND comfy and hopefully will be happy with getting the comfy part right. LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING YOU.

      1. Looking forward to meeting you too! I’m stressing about what to wear too. I don’t have anything business casual! Just jeans and shirts. I haven’t had a job in almost 5 years – been staying home with the kids. There’s been to reason for business casual clothes. Must go shopping next week…

        1. Have fun shopping and don’t stress too much. For me, I need to break in new shoes if I decide to get new shoes and will it all match. Silliness, really. sigh.

  3. I also am a non-makeup wearer (for the most part). Cream is a must (else I go a little scaly!) but that is usually all, unless it’s something big. I’ll probably end up putting on a small amount at BEA because it totally qualifies as something big, in my mind, but we’ll see! Looking forward to meeting you 🙂

    And sorry, but can’t think of anything good like that at the moment!

    1. BEA is a big event, sure! Are you staying for Friday, too?

      I haven’t gotten much response on my book of examples – I had hoped somebody would know something. oh well.

  4. You’re lovely, Care!

    I don’t wear make-up that often, mostly because of laziness. But if I am going out somewhere- to an interview, to dinner, to SOMETHING, then I do put some on. I pretty much wear the same stuff in the morning, afternoon and night. I don’t have different “looks.” And I never feel uncomfortable with the way I look one way or another. This may be because my mom never wears make-up, either. But now that I’m a professional, I kind of feel like I should. But I never do it when I don’t have to!

    1. I truly love to play and have been accused of being too matchy-matchy. Earrings, shoes, and eye shadow ALL MUST MATCH and coordinate so I do know how to look ‘different’. But my usual look is so basic I have many people tell me that they don’t realize I’m wearing makeup. Never sure if that means I got it right or why-bother. 🙂

  5. Great photo!

    I read about #BloggersWithoutMakeup on BlogHer yesterday, and knew I couldn’t participate fully since I had to be in the office today – I didn’t want to look “unfinished” when dressed for work :-). But I did wear it lightly – no lipstick or blush! (I may go makeup-free over the weekend since I didn’t do it today, though.)

    I wear more makeup than I used to 10-15 years ago – not so much because I feel I NEED it more, but just because I CAN. Husband #1 disapproved of it and let me know it. Husband #2 doesn’t really care one way or the other, so I wear what I like…or not.

    1. In high school/college you wouldn’t catch me without foundation – I had really bad skin. I know that a lot of it is that I’m much more comfortable in my own skin now.

  6. I’m a minimalist when it comes to make-up…a little mascara, eyebrow pencil, sometimes a dab of concealer and lip gloss that always seems to disappear in 15 minutes.

    Shoes, though, that’s another story. I’m trying to justify taking 3 pair to NY.

  7. I don’t wear makeup most of the time because I’m never around humans. But, when I do venture out into the hot, cruel world (not cold, here, nope), I try to remember to put makeup on. It never fails . . . if I go out without, I WILL run into someone I know or some associate of my husband’s. We went to huz’s office, a couple of weeks ago, and huzzybuns said, “No problem. Nobody will be there. It’s Sunday, after all.” Well, darned if his assistant (whom I’d never met) didn’t show up and act all thrilled to meet Dr. H’s wife. I looked like hell.

    Oh, well. I just pretended I didn’t look like a hag. You look great without makeup. I do not. I really, really wish I looked like my FB profile pic.

    1. I seriously doubt your claims of looking like a hag. You are so beautiful inside and out.

      I do have to laugh at yor ‘I’m never around humans’ because I’m always telling Oscar to “be nice to the humans!” when we visit the nursing home.

  8. Glad you decided to join in – you look great. And it’s such fun going through all the links on Jodie’s blog to check out the pictures.

  9. Really interesting post.

    I could say that all photos of me are ´the real me´ as I never (bother to) apply make-up, but what about the colour of my hair?

    But my children certainly see a lot of the real me, perhaps sometimes more than they want. They often encourage me to do a bit extra, and with two young daughters it is quite nice to go shopping together once in a while and help each other showing off our good points in public.

  10. your eyes!! they are absolutely piercing. 🙂 kudos to you for ‘taking it off’ in this picture. i don’t post photos of myself online because my school district strictly forbids it. i don’t have FB either–same reason.

    have a blast in nyc next week…i’ll be chaperoning a class trip to niagara falls. shoot me now. lol.

  11. You have such pretty eyes eyes!! I almost wrote, Your eyes are so BLUE, but then remembered how weird and awkward I feel when people give me that sort of non-compliment, like, Wow, your hair is so LONG. 😛 But your eyes are very, very blue.

    I usually wear a bit of mascara and some concealer if I need it. I know I should do more, at least on fancy occasions, but (embarrassing admission) I never really learned how and I don’t know what to buy. :/

    1. Whenever I meet someone with really blue eyes I always wonder if we’re related and/or if this is what every person who says to me ‘You’re eyes are SO blue!’ see when they look at me. Does that make any sense?

      I would be glad to share my knowledge on ‘how’ to wear and what to buy. But really? it is play and see what you like. it’s that simple. no rules.

  12. Priscilla

    I love this whole concept! My Twitter photo is makeup free, but I must confess that it was the best of about 10 pics my husband took of me on vacation….and the late afternoon natural light was good. I highly recommend using it when possible!

  13. I wear makeup in moderation. i just don’t have the time or inclination to wear it everyday when I have to be at work by 6AM.

    As for your other question, have you tried trivia books? Such as the 15,003 Answers: The Ultimate Trivia Encyclopedia? or The Amazing Book of Useless Information: More Things You Didn’t Need to Know But Are About to Find Out?

  14. HI Care – great post and good to have a picture of what you look like for BEA!!!! (WOO HOO!) I sent you an email a little while ago with my cell number if you need to connect on any hotel info.

    I am getting so excited! 😀

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