Woman: An Intimate Geography

Thoughts   Woman:  An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier, “A Peter Davison book.” Houghton Mifflin Company, 398 pages

MOTIVATION for READING:    Eva at A Striped Armchair told me to read this.   It is my first nonfiction read for the Women Unbound Challenge.  I checked it out from the library but ended up buying it.   After I loan to my science teacher boating friend, I will give to my niece.

Natalie Angier has won many awards including the Pulitzer Prize for her science writing for the New York Times. In this particular book, she shares her passion for biology and womanness.   I really did love this book which is why it took forever to read.   I can read in the car;   I would open this book while Hub drove us the hour to the boat and I was sharing sentence after sentence and scientific tidbits here there and everywhere – fascinating!   Did you know _____?!?!    I didn’t know that, WOW!    etc, etc to my poor husband’s chagrin.   His chagrin got a work out with this one.   But he never complained (so chagrin may not be the correct word; patience? distraction?)  and I think he was just as awed by the COOL FACTS as I was.    This is not BORING SCIENCE.   Nope.

I took more notes than I care to share, I jotted down page numbers for words to look up and so many things were over my head, especially the greek mythology.  But that’s OK, it’s still fabulous.  Just take my word for it – this book is awesome.

Just go read Eva’s thoughts – she’ll tell you more about what this is about and includes some great quotes;   my post here is my way of letting her know that I did as I was told.   And to say THANK YOU.


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24 thoughts on “Woman: An Intimate Geography

  1. I have this book and can’t wait to read this book! I’d had it on my wishlist for quite some time and then picked it up after Eva mentioned it. Still haven’t started it, but looking forward to it!

  2. A whole science book devoted to females?! Sounds cool! And isn’t it so awesome when someone recommends a book that you end up loving!!

    1. YES! exactly; and it’s not just biology but HISTORY and all sorts of nutty stuff that is so interesting.
      I usually love everything Eva recommends.

  3. Hahaha, your telling of fun facts in the car is so like me. I think my family prefers me to read fiction books while we are on car trips, so that I don’t distract everyone else from their reading every two seconds to tell them fun facts about Edward R. Murrow/modern India/London. 😛

  4. I got this book from the library after reading Eva’s thoughts on it and I have to admit that I still need to start reading it. I’m looking forward to it though! Even more so now that I’ve read that you loved it as well.

    And can I just say that your posts always make me smile?

    1. Get started! I know for me, it took a long time to get through so I had to buy it.
      and THANK YOU! what a wonderful thing for you to say. Made my day.

  5. Sigh. Every time I see a review of this book, I hit myself (mentally, not actually) for not getting it when it was available for just $2 at a bargain book sale! Stupid me! I’m glad you really enjoyed it. I haven’t done any non-fiction for the challenge yet, either. Eep!

    1. Be kind to yourself, Dear. Maybe it just wasn’t your time to read that book? The library should have it when you are ready. 🙂 I am looking forward to some strong and new-to-me feminism nonfic soon – I love the reading lists on the challenge blog.

  6. Eva’s post had intrigued me too. And like Aarti, I’m also hitting on my head, but for not having taken it out from the library, where I just went now. Aah, happens! But I’ll just slip in a note right away, so that I don’t forget next time!

    1. Next time. I get stressed out about checking out too many books from the library so I have to know that I will buckle down and read whatever I get. I need to study what book I’ll get next – tomorrow is my library day.

  7. lol…my husband gets a bit weary of my constant, ‘did you know…’ factoids but i admit to being very interested in this book based on your review. i haven’t heard of it but feel a certain kinship with the author…must be the name! 🙂

    1. Well, Natalie has always been one of my favorite names. I don’t know many; you, Ms Angier and the girl on Facts of Life.

  8. I read this a long time ago, 2007 or less maybe. Long before it was discussed in the book blogosphere. It is a great book and a contest I recently won said I could pick any book so I picked that one (although it hasn’t arrived yet.) It’s definitely a book to OWN and not just READ.

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