Happy Mother’s Day! and Contest Winner Announcement

In celebration of Mother’s Day and this month’s release of the latest novel by Jennie Nash, The Threadbare Heart, several blogs participated in a contest to give away a copy of the book and then each winner goes on to compete for a Grand Prize of a box of books, a rum cake and a call-in with the author at book club.    How fun would that be!?

I hereby announce the winner of my blog’s contest to be LINDA V.!     Congratulations and I will be forwarding your name to the Grand Prize Contest.   The winner will be announced May 16th.   Linda’s entry follows:

Mothers and Daughters — ah, a topic fraught with possibilities, depending on one’s own experience. Maybe the fact that my own realtionship with my mom is murky clouds my ability to have a strong pair jump out at me from all the fiction I have read.

Marmee from Little Women? Certainly she raised a daughter of every female type, each of them strong in their own way.

But what really came to mind was Scout’s mom from To Kill a Mockingbird, probably my fave book. Forget about her? Understandably so, because she died I think during Scout’s birth. But perhaps it was that loss or more accurately that lack that formed the memorable character of that observer, Scout. Trying to keep up with the boys, attached in a different way than brother Jem to Atticus, more sensitive to the social changes swirling around her that Southern summer. Her mom was there, in her genes and her makeup, to form a sad sort of pun. And that made Scout stronger and better in many ways.

Thank you to everyone who entered:    Judson – who has a very insightful history blog My Life in the Past Lane, my mother, Daphne – who has just begun a mother/daughter book blog, and one of my favorites in blogworld,  Joan Harvest – so funny and joyous in her observations about life.     Click here to read all the contest entries.

Happy Mom’s Day!


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6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day! and Contest Winner Announcement

  1. I really liked Linda’s entry. It’s funny because I just bought To Kill A Mockingbird a couple of weeks ago. I’ve read it a couple of times but not in awhile. It’s a superb book. Tha nks for saying such nice things about me and my blog. I’ll have to check out your mom’s blog.

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