Happy Birthday Softdrink!

Today is – if I wrote it down correctly – the birthday of Softdrink of the awesome Fizzy Thoughts blog.   Click here to go to her blog and wish her a Happy-Happy!

I wrote a cheer in her honor and to celebrate Poetry Month.

Here’s to Jill and many a Fizzy Thought
Here’s to another book she read and bought
Here’s to the parody of many a song
Here’s to authors at whom she may have thrown a thong*
(hey – it rhymes, deal)
She’s the first blogger who sent me a book
Just because!  and so I was hooked
I appreciate all that she does and shares
She’s so darn funny and I believe she truly cares.
Here’s to unflagging enthusiasm and cheer
In NYC next month, I will buy her a beer!
(pie didn’t rhyme, Jill, but if you prefer pie, we can arrange that, too…)

* it’s a Twitter thing about authors who are panty-worthy…    I am not sure who to give credit to – perhaps Rebecca the Book Lady?


Copyright © 2010. Care’s Online Book Club. All rights reserved. This post was originally posted by Care from Care’s Online Book Club.  It should not be reproduced without express written permission.

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