I Like and I Don’t Like

I’ve been tagged for a meme by one of my bestest book blog buds who was a great encourager when I first started here.     Lisa of Books on the Brain fame has picked me to do this version of “I Like and I Don’t Like.     Let’s go:

(I offer up the words after the red ones…)

like sunshine.

like flowers.

like practicing Yoga.

I like soaking in the hot tub after Yoga.

like beer.

like Fridays.

like dinners out with friends.

like books.

like discussing books.

like Project Runway, American Idol, and Food Network TV.

like substitute teaching at the High School in the Special Ed Department.

like visiting with my dear wonderful friends at the Shaw Home.

love cruising with my husband and my dog in our cool boat on Narragansett Bay.

Today was long;   I took notes in two separate Algebra classes.

hate the word ‘hate’.

hate gossip.

hate being stuck places without a book to read (poor planning!?)

hate when my dog jumps through his electric fence to chase cats.

hate that kids these days won’t even attempt to read my cursive writing.

hate boat maintenance bills.

hate when the Twitter whale says Twitter is too busy.

hate what I was going to type here where I vented a bit (and then deleted.)

(secretly) like – I can’t think of anything that I’m secretive about.   or at least, willing to share on this semi-public platform.  ha!!

love it when a kid ‘gets’ a new concept.

Okay… To the following three people, tag! You’re it!  Tell me what you like & don’t like (or tell me to take a hike!    Which is perfectly fine and won’t hurt my feelings…)

KB of Confessions of an English Teacher


Candletea of Candles and a Cup of Tea

28 thoughts on “I Like and I Don’t Like

    1. I’m not an educator by degree but I just happen to be a (very part-time) substitute and I tutor. I also teach computer skills to seniors and volunteer at the library for a variety of GED/computer/language/math/whatever. My degree happens to be engineering but I’ve been out of it so long that I can’t get any interviews ‘in my field’ nor do I think I really want to. Still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. In the meantime? I have the blessed life of keeping my dog happy and my husband more so. (I call myself his exec. asst.)

  1. You got me! And to think I was actually going re-launch my blog again!


    I like beer.

    I like bourbon. (Yeah, I know.)

    I like my students…most days.

    I like being on the internet for hours.

    I like fanfiction.

    I like the smell of sunshine on my skin after a whole day of playing outside.

    I like being a geek.

    I love my husband.

    I love my dog.

    I love watching DVD marathons of favorite tv shows: “I Love Lucy,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Grey’s.”

    I love to clean and organize.

    I love the new friendships that I’ve gained from my bookclub–two very special women in particular.

    I hate entitlement.

    I hate parents who expect me to parent their children for them.

    I hate people who abuse animals. To me that’s worse than murder.

    I hate being late.

    I hate when my dog runs down the hall and downstairs with my underthings in his mouth.


  2. Sweet! I was looking for post ideas and this is a good one. I will do it soon and leave a link to my post. Thanks for thinking of me. Also, I have blogged two days in a row now and feel proud!

    1. Great idea! to keep the meme to the book theme. I didn’t really think about it and just did it on the fly. Of course, then I had to edit, sigh…

  3. Love Narraganett Bay. My aunt and uncle lived in Narragansett when I was in high school and recently moved back. I’m hoping to be able to work in a visit to see them one of these days.

        1. Well, nothing planned at all but we always get to Nebraska at least once a year. Usually, tho, we fly thru KCI but I really love OmNE and have lots of friends there.

  4. Oh, I have to take my time filling out this meme, but I’ll do it sometime in the upcoming days. It’s nice getting to know more about your likes and dislikes.

    1. oh, he gets a bit of a shock. (It’s not actually on anymore so it doesn’t hurt him one bit right now.) But he usually respects it because he *thinks* it’s on…

  5. AHHHHHH Sorry for the delay getting over here! I LOVE your list! And I can’t believe I didn’t include on my list: I hate being stuck places without a book to read (poor planning!?) because I HATE THAT MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!

    Thanks so much for playing along. I hope it wasn’t too big an imposition tagging you for this meme!

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