Weekly Geeks 2010-6 ROMANCE

This week’s geek is all about the romance!     Click this line for the official Site for Weekly Geek 1020-6: Romancing the Tome.

I could easily reference the book am currently reading but since I still have a few pages to go (and my review is already half written!)  I’ll save that for later this week – maybe tomorrow.

Rather, let’s look at the prompts, shall we?   And bounce them against my recent reading experiences.

  • What literary couple is your favorite?
  • How do you define romantic literature? Does it always involve sex? or the hint of sex?
  • What author/s do you think writes romantic scenes particularly well?
  • Do you have a favorite romantic scene in a book?
  • Do you find you read romantic literature at certain times of the year?
  • Tell us your favorite romantic quote.
  • Do you have some favorite romantic poetry?

Literary couples…. I have a page that lists all the books I’ve read since 2007;  I see that I don’t make a habit of reading romancy books.    I just finished The Princess Bride, so I could bring up Wesley and Buttercup as a literary couple.    And Benny & Shrimp – from my current book of same title.     But the majority of the (wide variety of?) books I read are not the usual boy and girl (or boy or unearthly creature or…) meet and fall in love stories.

But what about Mrs. Dalloway – almost a love triangle in that one what with Mrs. D thinking about the passion she decided was too scary and chose safety and security instead.     We could really tear into the marriage of Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey in To the Lighthouse – I do think they loved each other very much.      As You Wish was a teenage romance, I guess, but it didn’t captivate me.    But the one in The Vintner’s Luck sure did!    the featured couple in this was a vintner and his angel.   Yes, a real ‘with wings’ immortal angel.     There’s that unearthly creature.    Actually, As You Wish was between a girl and an wish-granting genie. And one of the most famous literary couples make an appearance in Pride & Prejudice & Zombies!!!  more unearthly  (nonhuman) creatures once they got bit.  HAHHAHAHHAA!

You have to go all the way back to August last year – I read 3 books in a row that could be dumped into some kind of romance category.  Forced maybe.   Yep, REALLY forced.     But, I’m already bored with this so I assume you are, too.     Looking back, I do see a few books that featured marriages that fell apart but this isn’t a post on divorce.   I’ll move on.

How do I define romantic literature? and does it have any s-e-x?     Hmmmmmm.  The sex stuff in a book usually doesn’t bother me.    Some of the interactions in Benny & Shrimp are actually laugh out loud funny.     It was only inferred in My Sweet Charlie – oh but wait a minute.   Would we describe Marlene and Charlie as a couple?   or did they only become friends? Truthfully (and sadly), I don’t think the hero and heroine in this one every made it to that stage in the relationship – I’ll just ruin it for you and say this book ends tragically.    Or does it?   Perhaps the love and understanding here would be able to live on and actually change the world.      And I’m way off track.

THAT helps me clarify my thoughts on romance and love in a book.    I want to read about heart-to-heart connections and transformation.     It all depends on the mood I am in how that connecting needs to be described.   It’s been a long time for me to read that kind of book (doh).

The rest of the prompts… I can’t answer the rest of these, so this looks like a good place to wrap it up.

♥♥♥  Happy Valentines Day!  ♥♥♥



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9 thoughts on “Weekly Geeks 2010-6 ROMANCE

  1. I can never think of any literary couples/romances, when I try to name a favorite. I can always think of the people in the last book I read, and then hardly anyone else. Maybe I should try some chick lit this year…

    1. I know! I can never think on the spot when confronted with a question like this! Which is why I had to just look at my recent reads. But once you read everyone else’s post, it’s like OH YEA! Of course!! 🙂

  2. I like romantic books about falling in love and being in love but I’m not big into books with a lot of sex. So many sex scenes are written so badly, LOL! I like thwarted passion better! 🙂

  3. So which one is your favorite? I would still – even though your comment said you didn’t care for longer books or series – recommend Outlander, at least the first one.

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