Has Anyone Seen…?

Has anyone seen my sense of humor?

I really have been struggling to find the joy in life these days – maybe it is winter blahs and all those other stresses that can compound and weigh heavy on the soul that need not be named.

I’ve been overwhelmed and humorless and crabby.   If not for its meaning, I would so love the word melancholy.     (Seriously, wouldn’t MELON-HEAD be a great name for a collie?   yea, maybe not.   No offense to collie pups…)

So, as I once again feel guilty for clearing out my Google Reader and avoiding any feeling of responsibility to visit all 200+ of my favorite blogs, I reach for motivation to post.   To post something!    and I do have a ton of topics and ideas (and reviews?) to chat about — that I decide to accept Lisa’s (at Lit & Life) meme from some award she won and didn’t specifically pass on to me.

For the Over The Top Award, we are to list one word answers to the following questions.   It is helping me to move fingers over the keyboard.
(1) Your Cell Phone? silver

oh crap.    my cut and paste is only getting the first prompt!     GGggggghghhghfhhrhhrrrrr.

What to do – print it out?  No, because I don’t have print set up from my laptop and our PC that IS connected to a printer (which has no black ink – remind me to go buy some of that), do I really want to go back and forth  – no.

I’ll change my mind and do something else.   (SORRY LISA!)

Let’s do Alphabetical Gratefulness!!!

A – Apples.   I really do believe an apple a day is a terrific habit.

B – my friend Brenda that I really do not talk to enough.  uh oh, that sounds like a negative…

C – I once wrote an affirmation that had the first line of “Caring and committed, courageous and consistent…” to encourage me to be such.    I don’t remember the whole poem but it does make me smile to think of the mood I was in when I wrote it.

D – the first letter of the name of the wonderful man I married who is just the definition of awesomeness.

E – ENERGY – let’s create it and conserve it and be energized to positiveness, shall we?    I like so many E words:   enthusiasm, effect, effort, effervescence, electricity, encouragement, eccentric…

F – Food.   I’m grateful for food.

G – Neil Gaiman and his  The Graveyard Book.    Read Fizzythought’s thoughts here.    I haven’t read this yet but I dearly want to.

H – HUMOR.    I keep hearing movie The Hangover is funny, but the commercials have me dreading it.   I abhor nastiness presented as laughable matter.


J – Joy


L – Love.    and lobsters!   I love lobsters.

M – Marshmallows.

N – I’m so happy for the New Orleans Saints!

O – Onomatopoeia.   And if you like words, like I like words, I recommend Roy Blount Jr.’s Alphabet Juice.

P – Penguins.   Not necessarily the hockey team.  oh!  and PIE!!

Q – Quests.

R – (how come I can’t think of anything for this letter except the word ‘reality’?    Perhaps because reality is only our perception of what is real and thus is suspect?    I’ll come back to it…   There has to be something better than reality.     It ain’t raisins…)

S – Sunshine.

T – Trains.   I’m taking the train in May to NYC.


V – Virginia Woolf!    I’m so loving the discussions on her books this winter.

W – Water.   Where would we be without water?  I was going to just list Virginia Woolf again but water jumped into my mind right after.   Huh.

X – Xylophones?

Y – Yellow = sunshine

Z – I love names that start with the letter Z.     Zola, Zetta, Zander the cat…

Thank you, thank you.     I’ll be working on a preview post to Hunter S. Thomson’s Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 72, in case you’re curious.   and finishing To the Lighthouse by Woolf.

Now what are you grateful for that starts with the letter R?



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33 thoughts on “Has Anyone Seen…?

  1. Sorry you aren’t feeling like your old self. Winter will do that to you!

    Let me see, what am I grateful that starts with the letter ‘R’? Roses? A good book to Read? I don’t know! 🙂

  2. glendasikes

    R = Rodney, my hubby 🙂

    Oh, the doldrums that are not helped by all things winter :(. Lack of sunshine brings me down like nothing else. It may sound trivial, or maybe perhaps like too much effort, but my mood is greatly enhanced by something as simple as getting a haircut — the interaction with my hairdresser is fun, and the haircut is always welcome.

    Hoping the things overwhelming you and weighing you down ease up soon.

    1. Thanks! Now get back to studying and KNOW that we believe YOU CAN DO IT! Relax and don’t give negative thoughts a space in your brain, ok? I’ll do the same. 🙂

  3. *hugs* I’m so sorry you’ve got a case of the blucky blahs, Care. 😦 You’ve put a smile on my face more times than I could ever count…I sure wish I could return the favor. Hope you’re feeling better very soon, sweetie!

    As for R? Red pandas and raspberry truffles.

    1. Debi, thank you. You DO return the favor. I appreciate your smiles hugs and comments so much. Love your R words – I happened to buy some raspberries yesterday afternoon after writing this post.

  4. If we weren’t getting THE STORM OF THE CENTURY tomorrow (which, we both know, it won’t be, but the panic-mongers are having a great time with it!), I’d force you to meet me at Ikea for some cinnamon rolls and coffee!

    I hope you R feeling perkier soon; your post made me smile.

    🙂 <—– (see?)

    1. Yep, I see it! I really am coming out of the funk; this post was my attempt to exercise those little used funny bones but I think I still need more practice. and that IKEA idea is awesome. I hope we can activate that plan on a non-snowy day. Maybe Beastmomma and Marie can come, too.

  5. I hope you feel better soon! I’m sure it’s the weather — it’s hard to stay positive when it sucks outside. I miss seeing the sun.

    R is for reading, rainbows, Reading Rainbow, rolls, rhinos, umm… that’s all I can think of for now. Good luck with the HST post, I’m going to write mine this week… I hope!

    1. I do take Vit D. I wonder if I get too much… I’m also trying to be outside for at least 15 minutes every day for that wonderful sun ray action. and I eat my fruits and veggies and walk 10-12 miles a week and do yoga! 🙂 Thanks Sweetie, I’m coming out of it.

      and looking forward to SNOW today! maybe tomorrow will be sunny again.

  6. dSMegan

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    Blogmaster note: I took out the links because I don’t appreciate comments as advertisements but these amuse me so still. Like anyone would purchase a masters dissertation from someone like this both makes me laugh and makes me cry.

  7. Your humour?

    Nope. Not me. I have a headache but want a holiday. I have snow but want spring. And now I am ranting when I could be relaxing with a good read.

    I hope you are feeling better already, and that spring will come soon!

  8. yep, R is for reading was my first thought, too 🙂 !

    I know how you mean……I’ve had the blogging blahs lately, and probably the blahs in general. We all need to hang in there — spring will be here eventually!

    1. I suppose we could go search for some poetry about the darkness of winterness and its prelude to the burst of bright springtime…
      🙂 SMILES and sunshine to you!

  9. Reading (of course)
    Rocky The Flying Squirrel
    Red wine
    Raspberry yogurt
    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Redbirds…aka St Louis Cardinals

    This was fun…thanks, Care!

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