The Princess Bride

Thoughts   The Princess Bride by William Goldman, 1990 by Demco Media (first published 1973), 283 pages

MOTIVATION for READING:    I enjoy reading the source material for movies and I have seen this on so many ‘best of’ and favorites lists.    So I bookmooched it – then decided it would be PERFECT for the Royal Title category of the What’s In a Name 3 Challenge.

WHAT’s it ABOUT:     A kid is read this story so you will not only have the adventure of what happens to the Princess who is supposed to wed the evil royal dude but you have the whole “how it came to be that this story is read to the kid” story, too.   It’s cute, well done.    I think the movie has a Grandpa reading the story but the book has much more on the why and how Goldman came to publish this abridged version from the ‘original’ author and how his Dad was the guy who read it to him when he was but a youngster.

WHAT’s GOOD and/or not:    I liked the movie better but I do believe it is because of repetition.   I’ve seen the movie so many times!    I seemed to skip through the adventure parts in the book; though I did enjoy the fun descriptions, the character development and especially, the clever lines of “As you wish”  and “INCONCEIVABLE!”

The movie remains a big favorite and I do want to say that casting was excellent.

But isn’t that the issue with reading the book after seeing the movie?      I imagined Cary Elwes as the Man in Black, and of course the Fezzik in the book sounded and looked like he did in the movie and Mandy Patinkin was SO the Spaniard!    Right?   Am I right?  Tell me if I’m wrong.

Of course, I’m right.

FINAL THOUGHTS:    When it comes to the genre of fantasy fairy tale, I’m wondering if I just don’t have a very good imagination.   I’m reminded of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust – another that I liked the movie much more than the book.      I’m rating this THREE PIE but a very strong THREE PIE – I liked it.     and I liked the movie better.

Oh, and I thought it cool that Goldman wrote Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.   ☺

16 thoughts on “The Princess Bride

  1. I love this movie! Had the book laying around for ages, but am never motivated to read it – maybe because I’m pretty sure I’ll still prefer the movie 🙂
    Imagination is hard for me when it’s a new-to-me fantasy book, I’m constantly second-guessing how people and places should look.

  2. I read the book years ago, but I’ve only ever seen bits of the movie. Which is further proof that I’m not much of a movie person, since I’m ignoring a cult classic.

  3. Stardust and The Princess Bride are two (of only a very few) movies I like a whole lot better than the books they were based on. I never know if it’s because I saw the films first, or just because the books aren’t that good and the movies are superb.

  4. I’ve read the book two or three times. I’ve seen the movie two or three DOZEN times – it’s an all-time favorite. I think the fact that William Goldman also wrote the screenplay makes it one of the better book-to-movie adaptations, but I’ll always pick the movie over the book with TPB.

  5. I agree 🙂 The fact that I’ve seen the film countless of times prior to finally picking up the book a couple or so years back made me uh, somewhat enjoyed reading through this but still preferring the film altogether. Which is rare for someone like me who usually adore the source material of film adaptations better 🙂

  6. I read the book first and so had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the movie (just like for the movie of To Kill a Mockingbird). How could the movie possibly measure up to a book that has things like the “reunion scene” in it? Remember? Where Westley and Buttercup are finally reunited when he’s fallen down the hill yelling “As You Wish” and then she falls down the hill and they’re together and…the book stops, and the author says you can send away for the reunion scene (I did, and got a very funny two pages of why he couldn’t write it yet). I love the book-within-a-book.

    So the movie tries to do that, but it’s not funny, just sentimental. Despite, that, though, I like the movie because, as you say, Mandy Patinkin is so totally Inigo Montoya. And Chris Sarandon is great as the pretty face.

    1. OOOOoooo! Now there’s an idea that just hit me thanks to your comment here: BOOKS WITHIN BOOKS! I instantly think of The Blind Assassin and I know there are more…

      This might bug me all day. 🙂

  7. The Eyre Affair, of course. Barbara Kingsolver’s new The Lacuna (although I’m finding it so sleep-inducing I haven’t finished it) and her older The Poisonwood Bible. Hmm. Seems like there should be some other immediately obvious ones. Guess now this is going to bug me all day!

    1. sorry! I do want to read The Eyre Affair but need to (re)read Jane Eyre FIRST. I don’t have that recollection for The Poisonwood Bible -except maybe the title? but it’s not unlike me to not remember stuff about novels, even books I say are more favorite.

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