Uh Huh OK What Be? uh…

I think I will be at the Book Blogger Thingamajiggy Event in NYC on the Friday after BEA but have no concrete plans to make it happen so anyone who wants to offer support, please do.

I’m just too close NOT to and too many bloggy friends I want to meet and too much fear that I will regret if I don’t.   But don’t yet have any plans to formulate the ‘happenin’.     HELP!


I’m back.

Let’s recap:   I did not get a lot of books read.  I’m still in the middle of To the Lighthouse by Woolf and have yet to read ANY recap posts.   I have read and written a “thoughts” review of The Princess Bride…   (will post soon but want to see what Weekly Geeks gives us tomorrow), I am enjoying Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 1972 way more than I ever expected to (but want to do a ton of research to know my political history that it covers because it assumes a lot) and…

I have yet to check Twitter.

Book club was O.K.   But will be at my house in two weeks with a new book to discuss that Amazon promises will be on my door step SOON:   Benny and Shrimp by Katarina Mazetti.

I went to Phoenix.   It was none too wild, …     It was colder than I would have liked and I had friends to chat with so I didn’t get many books read.   I mentioned that…    I did NOT see Happy Gilmore.    I’m feeling better and those of you who know, know.   Thanks and SMILES.

Go SAINTS!!!!!


21 thoughts on “Uh Huh OK What Be? uh…

  1. I’m so jealous of everyone going to BEA and Book Blogger Con. Darn my son for graduating that same week. I’m going to start saving now, tho, to go next year!

  2. lol…i’m only an hour from the city and don’t think i can make it because the bea and meetup coincide with my school’s end-of-year trip. grrr. i’d love to meet everyone and chat about books! we’ll see if i can swing it…if not, i’m relying on you for a play by play.

    1. a play by play! If only… I had the appropriate technology, but I don’t have a cool phone for Twitting, unfort. I would LOVE to meet you and NJ in a state I’ve only spent 30 minutes in (flt connection – Newark) so I feel the need to visit the Garden State. someday…

  3. You should come! Sheila (Book Journey) and I are looking for 1-2 more roomies for our hotel Thursday and Friday night, so you could stay with us if you want?

    Also, Fear and Loathing came in the mail this week, so we can start reading-a-long sometime in the next couple weeks?

    1. I’ve already started! on FALOTCT72; We need to do some preliminary research, I’m afraid! I need to quickly study up on the 68 democrat convention and the role of Robt Kennedy, etc. SO MANY names that are unfamiliar!

      I am thinking of doing a preview post on it – I’ll let you know. 🙂

      and THX for roomie offer – email on its way!

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