More Mrs. Dalloway

When I wrote last week’s post “Not Yet Mrs. Dalloway – just so I would be included in the Read-along – I was only about 50 pages into my reread.    I was leaving for a weekend away in the mountains of New Hampshire (with time to finish the book).   Once back on Monday, I was able to enjoy all the excellent insightful posts collected from various first time and multiple reads of this interesting novel from all over the book-blogosphere.

The next Woolf in Winter discussion is scheduled for January 29th over at  Emily’s blog:  Evening All Afternoon featuring To the Lighthouse.     I am so glad I decided to peruse the stacks at the library last week despite trying to interlibrary-loan it.    I was shocked and saddened that according to the system, no copies of this in any form were available.   Yet there it was on the shelf so I grabbed it!   woo hoo – yea me.

I want to keep talking about Mrs. Dalloway!   I’m rating this FIVE PIE SLICES this time around and I’m thankful for the Flashback Challenge for giving me the push to pick this up again.     I very much enjoyed the beautiful prose and the imagery of the passages;    I loved the sense of place and time;  I loved being inside peoples’ heads and I was amazed at Woolf’s skillfully depiction of how current events and memories swirl together for interesting thought processings.      

I actually intend to read this again.     Not anytime soon, perhaps but in a few years?    Let it fade again and allow me to experience a re-awakening to its charms.

But what I did do this past Saturday was click the Instant Play from of the movie version featuring Vanessa Redgrave.       I really liked it.

Similar to my reactions and the intro to the movie Lolita*, I was struck by the wondering of just how are they going to film something that is so much inside peoples’ heads?!

It was well done and it fit my Saturday mood perfectly.   I thought Redgrave portrayed  an excellent Clarissa and she came off cheerier, I think.   The voice-overs were a big part of the movie but not it’s main method for conveying the story (I was worried.)    On a negative side, the conflict between Clarissa and her daughter’s tutor did not come off as hostile as it does in the book.      I also did like the actor who played Septimus – he did an excellent job.    Overall, a charming adaption for such an ambitious task.


I hope to re-watch The Hours film, someday soon, too.    And a friend and I have agreed to read a bio of Virginia Woolf together.    I think I’ve jumped into a project!   🙂

With that said, I’m off to go To the Lighthouse now.



*  The Stanley Kubrick film of Lolita starts off with the repeated voiced and printed  question of “How can they make a movie of Lolita?!”

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4 thoughts on “More Mrs. Dalloway

  1. The Hours… *shudder* Actually, I almost watched “Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolfe?” on Nextflix online last night. I have the book and would kinda like to read it first, but I may just watch the movie anyway.

    I like Vanessa Redgrave, so I may have to check out Mrs. Dalloway. I’m not likely to read the book, though 😉

  2. Okay it took me a minute to recover from the rapture of the new pie picture!

    I did watch some of the movie, Mrs. Dalloway, once but realized pretty quickly that I really need to catch it from the beginning. Wonder if I can talk my hubby into renting it?

  3. bookgazing

    Oh The Lighthouse is just killing me. It’s great, but it’s so insightful, so true, very uncompromising it almost hurts to read. I gain new respect for Vorginina Woolf as I finally make it all the way through one of her books

  4. I have never read any Virginia Woolf and I am beginning to feel very left out! I clearly need to remedy this, especially if you say you want to read Mrs. Dalloway for a third time! Maybe I’ll watch a Woolf movie first, see if the plot piques my interest, and then delve into a (different) book.

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