Signing Up for Challenges

I was in the midst of Bloggiesta last Friday night when I received an email from the lovely Lisa at Books on the Brain.  She was asking a few questions about Reading Challenges and I breezily zipped off a reply knowing that this was a hot priority task for my weekend:   I needed to get a grip on all the challenges I’ve signed up for and I needed new thoughts on how to organize and track my year of reading.

I’m in over my head.   I see the inviting cool blue water of the swimming pool and I’ve jumped in.    I might as well enjoy myself!

What apparently was bothering my subconscious was my hesitancy to commit to challenges I obviously want to join.   Why this ‘unofficial’ nonsense?    I had a dream last night where I wrote and rewrote posts about this very topic (I wish my subconscious could type!) and had to prepare a STATEMENT:

I, Care of Care’s Online Book Club, hereby commit to reading books that challenge me and willingly join in community efforts to encourage such.     I agree to do the due diligence of signing up, posting thoughts, linking the links and joining in discussions with other participants of said challenges.   I will not stress about finishing but appreciate and enjoy the process.   I will allow some slack about participating in mini-challenges, I refuse to care about any prize opportunities and I will remember to check in often with others.   This I will do.

My first year of book blogging, I joined two challenges:   Hey Lady! Trish‘s Novella Challenge which I successfully finished.   The other was to read 10 books from the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die.   I think I only read one of the list I had randomly picked.    The next year of challenges, I did much better;   I signed up for a few more and completed a good percentage.

Then this past Fall, I caught the disease and wanted to sign up for EVERYTHING!    And knowing I would get overwhelmed, I tried to avoid the sign up (thus, the state of being ‘unofficial?)  and only create the commitment in a small manageable part of my reading-heart.      BUT.   I’ve decided to sign up anyway and have some fun.

I have created a page for my 2010 Challenges that show the buttons and links and have spaces to fill in and/or check off the titles for each.

I OFFICIALLY sign up for Amanda of The Zen Leaf’s GLBT Challenge 2010 and commit to the Lambda Level of 4 books.

I OFFICIALLY sign up for Bart’s Bookshelf’s 2010 Challenge.

I OFFICIALLY sign up for Dorte’s 2010 Global Challenge.

Wish me fun!

Golly, I feel so much better now.   🙂


Copyright © 2010. Care’s Online Book Club. All rights reserved. This post was originally posted by Care from Care’s Online Book Club. It should not be reproduced without express written permission.

18 thoughts on “Signing Up for Challenges

  1. I stressed over the first few challenges I signed up for, but now I realize they’re for fun. Having said that, I still want to complete them! Good luck with yours.

  2. “I OFFICIALLY sign up for Dorte’s 2010 Global Challenge.” Yes, I saw that, and I am so happy you and so many other people have joined the fun!

    Still, I do understand you had to think about it. Last year I joined two challenges and finished them quite easily. This year I have also joined two challenges only, but I think I may be ready for one or two more if I find something really tempting.

  3. LOL… I’m glad I’m not the only one blogging in their sleep. Actually, all the excitement of Bloggiesta kinda kept me from sleeping and I finally crashed yesterday. I love the “official joiner oath” maybe you should make a badge for it 😉

    I, too, was hesistant about joining things, officially. I crapped out on all the challenges last year except one, but this year I think I’ve got a better plan by working them monthly instead of thinking of them as being for the whole year. Hopefully I won’t have the pile-up in December like I did last year.

  4. I write some of my best posts right before I fall asleep. Too bad I never remember them in the morning!

    And good luck with your new challenge resolution.

  5. I joined way too many challenges last year – my problem wasn’t so much fulfilling the challenges, but keeping track of what books went where and which ones I could tick off! So I ended up swearing off all challenges. But I must say, it is very very difficult not succumbing to the temptation to sign up!!

  6. Looks like you’ve signed up for some great challenges! You should have a lot of fun reading this year. 🙂 Not that you don’t have fun reading other times, but, well, you know what I mean!

  7. Bestest of luck with your challenges! I stress out about a month before challenges end. This year I failed to complete a few of mine, but rather than have a melt-down I just decided that to accept my incompleteness and continue working on the challenges despite the past due date. It’s about fun and reading – and it helps me to remember that.

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