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Happy Birthday Oscar

My puppy is five years old today!     I love you, Oscar.   You’re the bestest awesomest most love-able-est dog ever!

Photo borrowed from the wonderful doggie day care that Oscar loves to go to almost every day…

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Footers and Copyrights

This is a practice post that I hope anyone who reads this in your Reader will oblige me a comment if it works? ☺ or Twitter me a Hollerback (oh gawd – is that lame?! or even accurate?)

A BIG THANKS to Capricious Reader and Zommie for twitting a YES IT WORKS tweet.

I’m adding a footer to the post because apparently, since this blog is a blog and not a self-hosted blog using (if I have my technical facts correct on how to explain that), this platform does not allow any kind of automatic footer/copyright notice be attached.

I have to add the code to each post. Which will be a bummer since I don’t quite know how to create a post template. I haven’t figured out how to copy posts!! THAT is next on my list…

Thank you to Pam at for getting me to think about this issue and thank you to BLOGGIESTA for creating this event and gathering the resources into one spot! A wonderful WONDERFUL resource to bloggers everywhere. Did I already say this is a wonderful resource?

PS another next task is to add an RSS feed button somewhere which I also will have to go figure out if I can do in WP dot com…

PLEASE SOMEONE let me know if you can see anything after this sentence from your FeedReader and not from actually visiting me here?   Yep, this is why  I need a blogger buddy…

Copyright © 2010. Care’s Online Book Club. All rights reserved.


Copyright © 2010. Care’s Online Book Club. All rights reserved.

I prefer pi.


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The next person to ring my doorbell gets this Rosemary Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie! #CaresPieShow


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