The Hobbit

Thoughts   The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien, Houghton Mifflin 2007 (orig 1937), 320 pages

MOTIVATION for READING:   Challenge(s)!  In my Flashback Challenge post,    I explained that I cite this book as the catalyst for my love of reading.    My 5th grade teacher read it to us and it was then I realized that I didn’t have to read ‘kids’ books anymore.    I believe I jumped headlong into an Agatha Christie obsession.

Back to ‘now’ times, I also signed up for a Read-A-Long for Lord of the Rings. But I’m only doing this one book, and not LOTR.   (eeeek!  I know, I know) and I see that I was supposed to wait and read this in January, though.    This was a library book.


On to Eva’s questions

When did you first hear of The Hobbit? What made you decide to join the read-a-long?

I had already committed to this when I found out about the read-along.   When I FIRST heard about it was in 5th grade (um, 1975?!)
Have you read it before? If so tell us about that experience.

No, I had not read this with my own eyeballs.   My 5th grade teacher, Mr. Neuman, read it to us.

If you’re new to The Hobbit, do you have any preconceptions going into it?

It’s not new to me.    AND…  I read LOTR when I heard the movie(s) were being made.   I was on a HUGE read-the-book-see-the-movie kick in those years.

J.R.R. Tolkien pretty much founded the modern fantasy genre. So let’s take a moment to think about the genre as a whole; have you always loved fantasy? Or perhaps you still feel rather skeptical towards the whole idea of wizards and dwarfs and magic? What was your introduction to the genre?

This looks like an interesting time to ask myself the question of why it took me so long to read LOTR!?    I don’t have an answer.     Yes, I enjoyed The Hobbit but not for its genre but for showing me that I didn’t have to read books from the kids part of the library.      I did love Narnia but for some reason never got on a path of reading similar books.    Like I mention above, I jumped into the mystery worlds of Agatha Christie and then was probably in Jr & High School assigned reading (ugh Hemingway, double-ugh Steinbeck) and then Kurt Vonnegut?  and Danielle Steele!!   Once I hit college, I stopped slowed reading for pleasure – didn’t have the time – too busy studying math and science.     I might have to give Tom Clancy a mention for getting me back to fun books…   I read The Hunt for Red October and then on…

Reading my answer, do you think I avoided the full question?   yea, me too.    I don’t think I was totally aware of genres or gave it much thought…  before book blogging.    I still don’t have a grasp of what is ‘out there’ in the fantasy category and what I might like to read.    I think I’m more into contemporary fiction but I do like to dip into other worlds now and then.

Do you have a certain plan for reading it? A few pages a day, spacing it out over the month? Or are you just going to race through it? Let whimsy decide?

I read The Hobbit on my trip from Mass to Kansas for our week-before-Christmas Christmas trip.    I can read in the car (yippee!) and I was delighted.     The characters were familiar yet the story seemed fresh. Timeless! My one gripe is that since it was a library book, the book cover was taped on and I could only glimpse at part of  the maps on the inside covers…


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21 thoughts on “The Hobbit

  1. Oh bother, I forgot to swipe The Hobbit last time I was at my parents’ house. I haven’t read it since elementary school and I’m quite keen to see how it turns out now that I’m grown up.

    1. Didn’t we discuss on Twitter that I would read The Hobbit and you would read LOTR and together we’d thus cover the set? yes, I think we did. 🙂

  2. I did not read The Hobbit until a few years ago. It took me some time to get into it, but once I got to ´know´ some of the hobbits, I began enjoying it more and more. A fantastic book!

    1. For some reason, this comment got trapped as Spam. All fixed now… and yes, I just don’t have the time to devote to LOTR right now. I know, sad – sad.

  3. Yeah… I remember reading Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allan Poe at young age. No wonder I never got around reading The Hobbit or Narnia. I was a strange child!

    And don’t you just love it when you finally read an old favourite after forgetting what the book was all about in the first place? It’s like falling in love all over again!

  4. I’ve never read The Hobbit, but I love how you described it as timeless … I’m hoping that means it won’t matter if I read it 70 odd years after it was written.

    1. Nope, I don’t think it will matter when you get to it. It’s already been close to a century since JRR thought it up, I think. Published is a different date, am I right everyone?

      1. I don’t really reread either Care, but this felt really good for me too! I have requested the first book in the LotR trilogy from the library, but I am really not sure if I will be able to fit it in or not. We will see I guess!

        AS to mattering that it was originally published more than 70 years ago, it really doesn’t feel liked it has aged at all. The story could pretty much be written today. There are a couple of turns of phrase, but nothing really all that noticeable!

  5. I love the scene with the spiders–like Ron Weasley, spiders give me the creeps, but the scene where Bilbo taunts them always gave me courage, as a child.

  6. I’m so jealous…I cannot even look at a map in the car!

    I finished early too. I couldn’t wait to re-read this one.

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