Update Notice (TGWTDT MAP!)

Hi Friends!  It’s school vacay week and I actually feel guilty for not working (I don’t work enough to earn a vacation…)

Still, I was so excited to have a visit from Reg Keeland, the translator of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, that I had to visit* his blog and guess what I found?

A MAP of Hedeby Island!    If you’ve read the book or WILL be reading the book, I think this is an awesome and helpful illustration of the setting of the crime.      Click here for more information on how to get a paper copy or just see the map

I read TGWTDT (click for my thoughts and to see Reg’s comment) after reading The Hobbit, which everyone knows, has maps of the travels of Bilbo Baggins and his buddies.   Of course, I had the library copy which meant that the inside covers were taped up and inaccessible.   Grrrrrrr.   Review/Thoughts coming soon.

Don’t you LOVE books that include visuals/maps of crime scenes, settings, places and clues?   I do.

* I always try to visit all blogs of bloggers who comment here, really I do!


16 thoughts on “Update Notice (TGWTDT MAP!)

  1. I love books with maps. They help me to get a feel for the setting. Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve got this book on my shelf and hope to be reading it soon. I’m bookmarking this for when I do.

  2. Books set in far off places must have maps! It helps me so much! Also, I like it when books from another culture have dictionaries in the back. I think that really helps you become familiar with the setting and it makes you learn new words!

  3. I just visited Reg’s website, and figured out he’s married to Tiina Nunnally, who translated Kristin Lavransdatter. I’d never have guessed that I read 3 books this year translated by people who are married to each other.

    1. I suppose the world of Scandanavian novel translators isn’t too big; you must assume romance could blossom… Or is the question: why are you reading so many books from this part of the world? Are you destined to travel there next?

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