I Nominate My Neighbor for Best of the Year

I hereby nominate my next door neighbor to the west for being the best ever awesomest!      Not only did they volunteer to pick up our mail and take out our trash (with subsequent rubbish barrel return to the garage) but then our area got hit with 18+ inches of snow and they plowed our drive!

But that’s not the only wonderful things – granted, they always seem to be the ones who do these chores for us when we go out of town.

No, the part where they really earn our appreciation and gratitude?    They have  a key to our house and we needed it this morning.   At 2:00 am.

We got home and were locked out of the house.   It was TWO in the morning.

I was actually about to suggest we get a hotel rather than call and ask for our key at 2 am in the morning.     The hub knows I never take my keys when we go on vacation!     It was so not fun.

The look on our faces when we realized no key.   Oh.  NO.     I am not calling them NOW!   You don’t have your keys?!    WHY DON’T you have a house key with your car key!??!      GRrrrrrrr.

So, good thing I picked up goodies for their kids.   Souvenirs from Kansas!  woo hoo.

OH, and it is such a nice feeling to see so many Christmas cards in our stack of mail.

Wishing you all considerate neighbors and a joyous holiday!!


17 thoughts on “I Nominate My Neighbor for Best of the Year

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