As You Wish

Thoughts   As You Wish by Jackson Pearce, HarperTeen 2009, 298 pages

What I almost posted on

I can’t criticize sentence structure or grammar or spelling. I didn’t see any typos or read any awkward sentences and maybe the theme of this actually hit a nerve of what I felt like in high school: the question of belonging (blahblahblah) but this girl needed to be shook – wake up, deary.    But can I only say that because I’m a 40+ yr old? I mean, didn’t we all want to be popular in HS? Seriously though, this is light YA chicklit with actually a few somewhat disturbing themes – – the worst being the guilt concept that appears frequently.    I was also annoyed that a love for a friend is so devalued as compared to love of a “BOYfriend”.     And that magic ‘turn the gay guy straight’ trickery attempt – seriously?!

OK, girl feels invisible, goes along with what the boyfriend wants because he’s ‘the boyfriend’, finally wises up to the what’s truly important: sense of self, respect.   And the cute boy who loves her for who she is?   It’s problematic that he’s not of this world, though. and on that note, at least I can truthfully be glad that at least he’s not a vampire. But it’s also not as good as Twilight.   wow, huh?

but didn’t want my secret santa to feel bad that I didn’t love this book.   🙂   Don’t feel bad, Santa!   (who are you?   please tell me?)

I do love the name of the main character:   Viola.    I had a Great Aunt Viola and always thought the name was beautiful.   And I bet that’s one of the reasons I tbr’d this.

SO.   I freely admit that I am not the target audience here.   Two pie slices for me, but I would defend anyone who loves YA the rights to enjoy this.      It’s very much the typical story of a young girl who wants to feel loved but needs to learn that she deserves love for who she is and shouldn’t sacrifice herself to fit in.    Another morality tale of “be careful what you wish for”.      It’s light; no sex and no swearing, in case anyone is wondering.

I really liked the blurb in the back about the author, Jackson Pearce:

“She began writing when the school librarian told her there weren’t any books that contained a smart girl, horses, baby animals, and magic.  Her solution was to write the book herself.”

Please consider these much more favorable reviews:

Harmony Book ReviewsThe characters were amazing. Each had their own detailed personality and the emotions were heartfelt. Even the supporting characters were important – there were no filler characters. The relationships between the characters were also so true.

Stop, Drop and ReadAs You Wish is a fluffy and lovable read with its own charms. I definitely recommend it.


6 thoughts on “As You Wish

  1. Thought provoking review. I was about to recommend this book to a younger cousin of mine but now I don’t think I should. Funny thing though, I too had a great aunt Viola and always loved that name!

  2. Oh! The pressure of a gifted book… lol. I know what you mean about not wanting to hurt the feelings of giver by telling the truth about NOT liking the book.

    And I agree about how it’s hard, even painful, to sit on this side of 20 (or 30 and even 40, I suppose) and look back at our younger, dumber fellow women and want to slap some sense into them.

    Fun review 🙂

  3. It’s ok not to like a book that you are gifted- that just shows how different people’s tastes are, right? Though it can be really hard to tiptoe around that issue, I agree!

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