Deliberate Reading

I see a meme starting thoughout the blogosphere (if it’s official, I missed that notice) and it’s a post about DELIBERATE READING.      Go read Vasilly’s post.  My entry into this post theme is to quickly answer the question:

“What top THREE books am I hoping to absolutely get to in 2010?”

My top of mind answer is

Watership Down – because every time I mention this everyone sighs…

The Bell Jar (yippee for Women Unbound Challenge!)





Hmmm, I can’t think of one more MUST?       (excuse me while I go check that to-be-read list of 350+ books I keep in….)

OK, either Strength in What Remains by Tracy Kidder   – or –   American Gods (or anything?) by Neil Gaiman.

I don’t think I will set a count goal this year, either.   It just bummed me out to track all year long how likely it was.    I will, however, try to match or beat this years book count OR page count!     But it’s not really that important to me.

You?   Will you be deliberately reading in 2010?  Do you have any books that pop into your head as something you feel you MUST read in the coming year?


46 thoughts on “Deliberate Reading

  1. Definitely reading deliberately next year. My must reads include the four Virginia Woolfs we are reading in Jan through Feb (Mrs Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, Orlando, The Waves), Moby Dick, and so many more. I’ll have to make a list. I also hope to read The Bell Jar. Good luck to us! 🙂

  2. Ooh, I think I will be reading Bell Jar, too! I saw those posts about Reading Deliberately, too. My goal is to just try to diversify my reading. I want to read more classics next year, so I’m starting a buddy read system with my friend in St. Paul, MN. I want to read, in general, more books that challenge me. I think reading books in tandem with someone else will help me with that. Also- I am hoping to read FAR far fewer ARCs!

  3. I’m supposed to read Watership Down for a challenge this month! We’ll see if I get to it or just write the challenge off. 😉 Usually, I’m not a big fan of animal narrated books, but like you it seems everyone I mention it to loves it!

    1. Which challenge? don’t answer – I will just wander over and read your challenge post! 🙂 Can’t say if I have an opinion on animal narrated books. As far as I remember, I’ve only read one (and LOVED) The Art of Racing in the Rain.

  4. historyofshe

    Bell Jar! Bell Jar!

    I’ve been seeing Watership Down EVERYWHERE– both movie and book. I need to look up what it’s about so I’m not just nodding stupidly every time someone mentions it.

    1. lol! Funny – I haven’t really noticed Watership Down in blogland but in conversations IRL. Didn’t realize there is a movie? good, I can do it for LitFlicks, too.

  5. This is such a hard question! I have a ton of classics I want to read next year such as Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. I also want to read a huge amount of my unread books. I plan on reading Children of Dust next year along with Middlemarch.

  6. I want to read ‘The Bell Jar’ once I get a copy of it. I’m not sure what other books I want to get to… probably ‘The Strength in What Remains’ too, although I’m working on Kidder’s other book, ‘Mountains Beyond Mountains’ right now. I also picked up a collection of profiles by Gay Talese that I want to read — reading that would certainly be deliberate. Hmmm… I have to think more!

      1. Yup, it’s my first Kidder book. I’ve had House on my shelf forever but never got to reading it. I decided to read Mountains… first because it’s paperback and therefore easier to carry around with me 🙂 I’m saving the other one for home on Christmas break.


    The Bell Jar and American Gods are also very good, and I have heard nice things about Tracy Kidder. These all sound like excellent decisions.

  8. Funny how so many people are thinking about this. I’d already decided I’m going to work hard at letting books call to me, rather than letting advanced readers and due dates dictate what I read before I noticed chatter about reading deliberately on Twitter. So, yes . . . gonna do it.

    I’m not going to say “I plan to read X,” this year, though (except maybe the Bible . . . again, because last year was yet another #FAIL) because it just frustrates me if I don’t get around to reading GONE WITH THE WIND for the 23rd year in a row, etc. So, none of that. Not picking titles. I’ll read the backlog of ARCs and whatever hollers at me.

  9. Oh yes, I will be reading all the 30+ books I got from back home after hours of going through 200+ not-read books and deciding which books I had to read. I got Watership down 2 months back but I accidentally left it when I moved here 😦 I’ll get it on my next trip home 🙂

  10. I second The Bell Jar!

    For myself, I try not to plan too much. I have several crime novels I want to read, a challenge or two, and it is important for me to leave space to write fiction also.

    By the way, I am thinking about hosting a global reading challenge in 2010 (read novels from six different continents). What do you think about that idea?

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  12. `That’s a great question…I need to take a serious look at my stacks. I have some books that I started and Mean To Finish sometime in the future…which is a whole nother category from my DNF files.

  13. I don’t have three books that I’m absolutely going to read. But I’m going to be really working on getting through some classics that I haven’t ever read and re-reading some that I can’t even remember reading.

  14. I want to get through the giant stack of WWII books I accumulated during the reading challenge this year. And I have a stack of Vietnam books from college that I plan to re-read.

    I’m looking forward to your thoughts on “The Bell Jar.” I re-read it last year or the year before, I can’t remember exactly.


  15. Ahhh….”Watership Down”… sigh … 🙂 I’ve read this one at least twice, but the last time was such a long time ago!

    As for books I must get to in 2010? As many from my TBR pile as I can possibly get to, definitely.

  16. Sigh Watership Down 😉 So good though and you can watch the awesome film right after. I have to make a dent in my non-fiction, I get so caught up in novel reading I almost never make time for fact, even though I love buying tons of it.

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  19. We loved American Gods over at Literary Transgressions! If you decide you want a less-dense Gaiman to start with, I’d recommend Neverwhere, about a group of people who live “below the surface” of London. Wonderful!

    And The Bell Jar is on my reread list — lovely, if a bit depressing.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion of Neverwhere! I admit that part of my hesitation is how much of a rockstar Gaiman is and how BELOVED. But I don’t know where to start. I have The Bell Jar counting for at least 3 challenges so it’s a must to finally get to this. I own 4 Kidder hardbacks that I’ve yet to read.

  20. If I think about it, this is seriously one of the silliest ideas I’ve ever had. ALL book bloggers read deliberately, don’t we?! I mean, books are accidental, are they? Maybe not wise choices all the time, but…

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