Holiday Swap News

I received a package in the mail yesterday and was so excited – and intrigued – to see that the return address declared it to be from my Book Blogger Holiday Swap Secret Santa!

I have an address… but who could it be?

Inside the package was a hardback:    As You Wish by Jackson Pearce – a YA book  published this year.

Inside the front cover was a post-it note:

“Hey!    I saw this book on your to-read list on Goodreads so I got it.    Enjoy!    Secret Santa”

I think I had tbr-ed this when I was judging YA blogs for BBAW in September.     I checked  my Goodreads note as well as conducted another search on Fyrefly’s awesome Book Blog Review Search and have fallen in love all over again with excitement to read this.

Thank you Secret Santa!!    May I assume you are a YA blogger?

But wait!!    There is another clue inside the envelope:

It’s a button.  I’m glad I shook the envelope out to find this little gem…    So off I go to explore and find out what exactly IS a Vinyl Princess?     I am excited to discover a website. First off, I was amused by the sounds of a scratchy thumping just like a turntable when it hits the end of the record.   Hadn’t heard that in years…

Plus, I find out that there seems to be a book:    with some good reviews, so add THIS to my tbr…

However, the address for the blog/contact and the address on the envelope do not match.      Hmmmm.



Inside the back cover is a book promotion postcard – another clue?

Now I want to read this, too!

I have to admit that I don’t think I made it a secret in the package I sent to my Holiday Swap Giftee…    I have yet to hear if she has received it so that suspense and now the secrecy  here is killing me!

Please, my Secret Santa, show yourself and accept my sincere thanks for sending me this book and increasing the joys of the season.      Are we friends on

Thank you so much!

I love books…

Happy Holidays!!


33 thoughts on “Holiday Swap News

  1. Haha- good try being a detective, Care! I hope you find out soon who it was, and enjoy the books!

    I also know that my package was received, but no word from Santee (and I didn’t make it a secret who I was, either. Are we in the minority?) Hope she enjoys it!

    1. you had Chris, right?! I really can’t remember how I wrapped and if I attempted any secrecy… I sent if the week before Thanksgiving, so I can’t quite remember all the details…

  2. That was fun to read all your clues! I wonder who your secret santa is! I promise it’s not me! I’ve already revealed myself to my giftee. Fun gifts you got too!

  3. How funny! I hope you find out who your Secret Santa is (not me). I didn’t make it a secret when I sent my package out and now I wonder if I should have! Enjoy your book!

  4. Wow, that is such a fun twist on Secret Santa! 🙂 I love buying/getting books, though the reading happens on a more staggered basis…but right now I am enjoying ANOTHER read of my favourite book Jane Eyre 😉

  5. soooo cute! i shipped off my package last week and thought of being mysterious…but in the end i gave my link. i haven’t been home recently and didn’t get to check my mail. i hope i have a little goodie waiting for me when we come home from vt.

    ps. all efforts to secure a gift card/certificate for the moo prize have failed–and boy did i try! instead, i got creative. hope you like my work-around! hahaha. you should receive it this week.

    1. I didn’t even THINK about the ‘secret’ in Secret Santa. oh well. I just found out that my santee received the gifts I sent so that’s a relief that it made it safe and sound.

      and OK – I look forward to your creativity. 🙂

  6. How fun! You can cross me off your list of suspects, too. If I was your secret santa, you’d never have the gift this early. I can barely get my own extended family’s gifts mailed on time so I never sign up for things like this, much as I love the spirit of it.

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