Happy Day of Thanks

I’ve been making pie!

This is Cranberry Pear and it’s a mini-pie.  I have these delightful smaller pie dishes made of pottery from Southeast Nebraska.   I would love to have more…

I made a Cranberry Pecan that I didn’t photo and I really wanted to make a Mock Cherry Pie which is apparently a New England pie from waaaaaay back:  it’s cranberries and raisins and I’m told it LOOKS like cherry but doesn’t taste like cherry.    I’ll attempt that some other time.  I ran out of steam and the Hub needed the oven.

Of course, I made Pumpkin Pie.   I used my other pottery pieces just for pie.   The bigger one is not quite a true 9″ pie plate size but it’s so pretty…    Both of these are same filling but I made about 4 different crust attempts of various ingredients.   The one with butter ALWAYS rolls better…

I use my Grandmother’s recipe for my pumpkin filling and it’s cryptic to say the least!    I have since added reminders to myself of what things mean and that I need to use a partially baked pie shell.     This recipe has a secret ingredient…    This makes me feel like Grandma and I are in on something special.    And when we are away from family which we often are, it is nice to continue a family tradition.

I prepared a few Cranberry Pears for the neighbors, as well as a Pecan Pie and a Strawberry.     I have 4 more yet to make for neighbors but they’ll have to be regular ‘Holiday’ Pies since I didn’t get them all done before today…

Happy Thanksgiving!


20 thoughts on “Happy Day of Thanks

  1. Pie! And ha, the lobster claw oven glove made me laugh out loud 😀

    I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving, dear Care. We don’t celebrate it here, but I’m still allowed to say that I’m thankful for PEOPLE LIKE YOU. Truly.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!! Your pies look delicious. Cranberry Pear sounds wonderful, and that’s so thoughtful that you bake for your neighbors. Also, I love your oven mitt!

  3. Those pies look delicious! I made two myself yesterday – a French apple pie and an organic pumpkin pie (which admittedly looks a little funny!). Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. jimmi

    I still haven’t made any pies in my pottery pie plates from there. Maybe later this weekend. But anyway, Happy Thanksgiving from the blue bungalow clan.

  5. Those look so beautiful! I can’t make anything more complicated than breakfast hashbrowns, and I am so impressed by people who can cook something that is (to me) terrifying. Like pie.

    Happy happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Cranbery Pear pie sounds wonderful. I’m going to have to look for those mini pie plates; a full pie is usually more than we can get through before the crust gets soggy and soggy crust just ruins the whole pie.

  7. Oh my goodness…I have no choice but to go eat breakfast now, as you have me salivating all over my keyboard. Of course, corn squares are in no way going to measure up to cranberry pear pie. 😦 Could you at least eat a piece for me if there’s any left?

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