Off to Wrap Holiday Gifts and Unplug

I was remiss to blab about this at that time when you were supposed to sign up for the book blogger HOLIDAY SWAP.     oops.    Did you?  Sign up?   Well, I just got back from shopping and I purchased a book which I can’t tell you about because you might be my Secret Santee.

I bought myself one, too.   So when it arrives and you post about it, then we can do a read-along together!  Won’t that be swell?

I also bought Simon Van Booy’s Love Begins in Winter because Nancy the BookFool told me to.      I looked for a few other books but couldnt’ find them.    Which is probably a good thing.  (Maybe my husband called the store and told them not to sell them to me so I wouldn’t spend the money?)

NOW.  The next thing you need to know about if you don’t know about it already is Beth Fish’s idea to unplug and be proud of it! She has an excellent post explaining it, but in the meantime, just know that if the following button is displayed on my blog, then you know you’ll  see read? me sometime later.     That I really am trying to stop checking Twitter all the time!

That said, do check the Women Unbound Challenge for a Guest Post on Women in the Bible!     Clicking on the button will take you right there…   Post is scheduled for Monday, November 23.

Happy Let’s-Be-Grateful Week!


30 thoughts on “Off to Wrap Holiday Gifts and Unplug

    1. sometimes I have really great ideas, huh? 🙂 Unfortunately for you, you are NOT my Secret Santa giftee. But maybe you will want to readalong with us anyway?

  1. I didn’t sign up!! And, I had such a good time with the exchange, last year. Oh, well.

    I love the idea of occasionally unplugging and just sticking up that button during computer breaks. I’ll have to go read up on the idea to see if it’s what I think or if I’m just babbling. Twitter can be great for real-time conversations but it seems like every time I say something people unfollow me. That just freaks me out. I try to only look in at twitter occasionally, just for my sanity. Sometimes I succeed . . .

    I’m so glad you bought Simon’s book!!!! I hope you love it. Peek at the acknowledgments in the back to see little me. 🙂

    1. what?! omg! I havent’ even read the back of the book. I grabbed it and ran and not even sure where I put it… and abt the swap? I didn’t receive my gift last year and the blogger quit blogging! how’s that for trauma? How do you know if someone unfollows you? I don’t think I would notice – unless it was you or Ana or Eva or Maree… Twitter is just weird sometimes.

  2. Ooooh, I want to be your Santee! I ordered my Santee’s book this weekend…from Powells, so of course, I had to order some books for me, too. Hopefully, they don’t lag (like they’re known to) so I can get the gift in the mail by the deadline!

    1. You would be super difficult to buy a book for considering how fast and how many books you have! or do you have a list easy to find and often updated with that you want but don’t yet own? Hmmmmm!?

  3. I think I’ll probably unplug most of this week. I’m in a reading rut right now. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the Van Booy book. I’ve been wanting it for months now.

  4. Oh, good. Other people set things down and lose them immediately. I’m so relieved. 🙂

    That’s definitely traumatic! I’m sorry your exchange person abandoned you. Mine spoiled me rotten, but I think it was at least in part because she knew me very well so she knew how to go about spoiling me, if you know what I mean. My recipient never said a thing about receiving my gifts on her blog. Actually, maybe I’m better off just sending things to people I know, anyway.

    There’s a thing you can sign up for called Qwitter, so you know who has unfollowed but I couldn’t get it to work. I just notice that the little “following” number often goes down when I’m talking. I’ve taken to sometimes just going to twitter and clicking on the names of people I’m following to see if they still follow me because I only follow people who follow me (with a few exceptions, like Nathan Fillion) and then I’ll unfollow anyone who has ditched me. Twitter has not been good for my self-esteem, actually.

  5. I think I got unplugged without even planning to last week. Well, not entirely, but as much as I possibly can. It about killed me to pull up that Google Reader on Friday after three days without checking it and finding I had almost 700 unread posts!

    1. I don’t think any one should argue against such an idea. I do admit not wanting to disappear and have anyone worry about me. I’m sure a few people would, I hope.

  6. I LOVE your idea for your Secret Santee gift! So awesome. 😀 I had to order one of the books I’m getting for mine, so as soon as it arrives I’ll wrap everything up and send it off.

    And Twitter is an odd thing! (Jumping in on you and Nancy’s convo.) I don’t look at my followers anymore, because there’s always icky ones with horrifying pics that traumatise me. But I’m like Care, unless someone I talk to ALL the time unfollowed me, I don’t think I’d notice. And I don’t want more followers-it freaks me out to think that people I don’t know at all are following me, lol.

    1. I monitor my followers – if I don’t know them or if they don’t have a book blog, I usually block them! But I don’t pay attn to how many I have. Sometimes I think it would so much easier if I only followed a handful of people…

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