Bizzy Day!

Just a quick note to say hello and share an interesting spam comment I got:


Cracks me up – due to my listing of The Yellow Wallpaper for the Women Unbound Challenge!   ah, must have sense of humor….

I’ve got pet therapy, email/internet tutoring, Mac training, and grocery shopping to do today and must. not. waste. time on blogging and twitter!  But I want to write a few reviews and see what everyone is listing for the challenge.    Is anyone else struck by the variety and broad encompassing of issue we consider important as women?    so many and not one more important than another.   Comes down to choice and respect.   Or is it boils UP to choice and respect?

Chat at ya later, Dearies,



I just wanted to post something/anything.     * Bizzy = I abhor the word ‘busy’.    We are all so busy, busy busy busy.   blech. We CHOOSE to do what we choose to do.    no excuses.     or at least that’s what I strive to remember.    🙂


10 thoughts on “Bizzy Day!

  1. I decided that in today’s crazy internet culture, I should go see if ‘bizzy’ actually means something I might not want it to and not just a respelling as I meant. Apparently a bizzy is a policeman in UK? hopefully is not a negative term? and the urban dictionary had a few mentions but I just didn’t want to go there right now…

  2. I’ve had a bizzy week, and chose not to spend too much time blogging and commenting. But since I love it so much, I have managed to free some “internet hours” from the otherwise bizzy schedule of life 🙂

    Great post.

  3. I’ve been thinking about doing Women Unbound, but wasn’t sure if I’d be able to put together a list exclusively of books I already own (I need to start reading my own books!). I have a possible pile of memoirs by women that I think would be good, I’m sort of worried it’s not “womens studies” enough. But you’re right — issues that are important to women can encompass a whole variety of things. And I’ve always found that memoirs bring those issues to light for me more than straight nonfiction or fiction. So maybe it’s a legit list 🙂

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