Thinking of You Chartroose!


If you *know* Chartroose, leave her a comment on November 1st telling her you are thinking of her!

If you don’t know Chartroose, allow me to introduce her to you.   And then, go read her blog and leave her a comment.

Early in my book blogging adventure, I found a fun blog to read by the name of Bloody Hell, It’s a Book Barrage! hosted by Chartroose.     I lurked for quite awhile; intimidated by the blogger’s bright quick wit and impressively deep thoughts about books, music, politics, stuff.    Every book review she posted, I wanted to read the book.

Eventually, I worked up the courage and started to comment and  she began to comment on my blog (wow!) and that fun experience of getting to know someone through books made us friends.     Ya know, that bookbloggingfriendshipthing.   Chartroose became my favorite blogger!   The one blogger I really hoped would read and comment on each and every post  –  it got to be a little scary how much of a fan I became.   I even started a Stalking Chartroose Challenge! I wanted to keep track of the books that she recommended and keep track of my progress to keep up with her.     (interestingly enough, my post on the Stalking Chartroose Challenge was posted almost exactly one year ago!!)


But she’s been on a bit of a hiatus.    I miss her and know that others have wondered where she is.

Now, we all agree that for many of us, blogging is supposed to be fun and we should be allowed to take a few breaks now and then  — we don’t OWE our readers anything, right?   Right?

So, this little project I have in mind today is NOT to guilt Chartroose into coming back to blog but to just make a peek of an appearance?    maybe?   I just want her to know that I miss her and hope she can remember the fun of yapping about books; that  sharing thoughts about books can make reading more than just a solo activity but an enjoyable community experience, too.


So now.   Some of my FAVORITE posts!

Her review of The Ha-Ha by David King.     (read her comments; she says she’s sappy and sentimental.)

“The characters in this superb novel are filled with such acute longing” – quote from review of We Disappear by Scott Heim

Unfinished book, thoughts on Social Darwinism and BRING ON THE BUTTERFLIES!

A tribute to a favorite personality Jean Shepherd

and if Chartroose has somehow won the lottery and she’s really off on some tropical island sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas and reading dammit, then maybe she can send in Gnarly Surfer Dude to do some more guest posts?

TELL ME, have you read any books rec’d by Chartroose?

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