This Weekend’s Plan(s)

The Read-A-Thon is this weekend.   Most of you already know this.    Click –> HERE <– if you don’t know and want to know more.

And let’s not forget that this is DEWEY’s Read-A-Thon.    I miss Dewey.    She started the Read-A-Thon mania and I bet she’d be thrilled with the growth and enthusiasm for this event in her honor.       Read more about Dewey here.    and a big thank you to the current committee for carrying on.  🙂


I’m not quite ready but I have at least officially signed up, volunteered my pompons to Eva the Cheer Captain, and accepted my 8 hour assignment, offered up a mini-challenge  – – to start at 11 pm EST  (I think) – – and have picked a few books in case I actually get time to read:

Ray Bradbury’s The Halloween Tree

Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera

I’ll be lucky to complete one let alone both because…  on Saturday during the daytime,

[couldn’t find a button for it]

I’m attending the BOSTON BOOK FESTival!!    With my friend Holly!

To be honest, I can’t say that I’m all that excited about the list of authors – let’s just say I’m disappointed with myself because I’ve read only but a few.

On the other hand, I just purchased Ben Mizrach’s The Accidental Billionaires:  The Founding Of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal. So that’s something.  

Going through the list of attending authors, I notice I’ve read at least one book by the following:    Richard Russo, Anita Shreve, Dennis Lehane, and Andre Dubus III.    I can say that I’ve at least heard of a few others but couldn’t name their books (sad, huh?) but most I don’t know.    I had high hopes that Tracy Kidder would be there, but alas, no.    Before book-blogging, I was pathetic at remembering authors so I hope I may be excused for this woeful lack of awareness…

So far, I’m thinking about the Net Crawlers event hosted by Jeffrey Howe.   This features Mezrich, Ethan Gilsdorf and David Pogue.    The Power of Place sounds good, too:  hosted by Kim McLarin and featuring Anita Diamant, Elizabeth Nunez, Carolina DeRobertis and Anita Shreve.   I will probably have to skip out on the keynote event starring Orhan Pamuk due to obligations back home.    I’m really curious about the whole thing and just might enjoy walking around.   PLEASE DON’T RAIN!

And I also hope to meet Dawn from Too Fond of Books and Marie from Boston Bibliophile.   I’ll be wearing a bronze raincoat and carrying a purple umbrella.        What will YOU be wearing?


20 thoughts on “This Weekend’s Plan(s)

  1. The Book Festival sounds wonderful, Care! A more than good reason to miss part of the ‘thon 😛 And as I was just telling Chris, I’m going to miss Dewey 😦 But she’d kick our butts if we didn’t have fun!

  2. Have a fabulous time at the book festival, Care!!!

    I love what you said about Dewey’s Read-a-thon. Missing Dewey happens every day. And so does loving her. And as bittersweet as the day will be…it will be so wonderful to have another day to celebrate Dewey together. ((((HUGS))))

  3. I’ve never been to Boston but I’m finally going for a visit next week. What lousy timing…would have loved to go to this book festival. Dang.

  4. This post was perfect Care! I’m so looking forward to this weekend! I miss Dewey terribly too and I’m so glad that we have this even continued in her honor as well. And you’ll definitely have time to read The Halloween Tree 😀 It’s a quick one! Have fun at the book festival!

  5. Cheer Captain?! I lurve that title! Sounds like you’re having a super-bookished weekend. And bronze raincoat?! How much fun!

    I miss Dewey too, but I”m so glad we all get together in her honour twice a year. 😀

  6. The festival sounds fab, I’d love to see Anita Diamant speak.

    Yay read-a-thon! You’re doing way more than me this year, I’m just reading and donating a prize. Ooo what will your mini challenge be I wonder…

  7. I’ll be wearing casual clothing and picking up my husband from the airport. He’s been in Germany all week without me. Boo.

    Looks like a pretty terrific author list to me, but I can’t say I’ve read as many as I should. Sorry Mr. Kidder won’t be there. I know how you adore him.

    Ben Mezrich’s new book has been on my wishlist for a while, so I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on that one. Have fun, this weekend!!!

  8. awesome, I so exciting, you are an excellent cheerleader Care 🙂

    Boston book festival, wow. My goal is to attend a book festival at least once 🙂

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