Scraps of Thoughts

Today, my friends, on this glorious sunny happy refreshing lovely day (I’m in a good mood), I have just a few itsy bitsy things to share.   At least, that’s what I’m hoping!    Sometimes when I think I have just a few short things I want to yap about, it ends up being 678 words.    I’ll give you a count at the end.


First, I wanted to do a Monday Mailbox but I missed Monday.   I got to work yesterday!   and it was FUN!   well, sort of fun.   And since the teacher I sub for reads this, I’ll share the highlights only.    I got to ask these bright and lively kids about Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls (doesn’t he make baseball gloves? – who am I thinking of?)   I’ve not read this book, but it was fun to discuss with the students – especially what a cliffhanger is (chapter 4).     And the other English class I got to participate in was  one chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird. I know most of these students from last year – and though they claim not to remember me (ha!),  I really like them all; they’re fun.

OH MY!   What a discussion we had!    Their first question for me was how many questions they ‘had to’do’ after we listened to Sissy Spacek read the text, and I answered them, “Seventeen’.   Oh.  the groans and moans.    “SEVENTEEN!?!??!?!”    You’d have thought I was going to make them eat the dirt off of D___’s shoes.      We really only had five questions to answer (in complete sentences, of course) and I was truly sad to not have more.   I wanted to keep talking, sharing, discussing, and stimulating their young inquisitive minds…  (oh, how they enjoy laughing  at with me)    Alas.       [I suppose I should share that I sub in the Special Education Department?   I’m probably violating some no-sharing rule anyway so – eek!    But this is ok, right?]

SO.   In my mailbox was:    Where the Red Fern Grows by….    — wait for it!  — Wilson Rawls!!!    coincidence?    not really.   anyway.   I also received Green Grass Running Water by Thomas King.   Both bookmooched.      Both because they are classics, (right?)    The King book came recommended by somebody at book club and it might be that teacher I subbed for yesterday!

Next, I will be posting an unusual non-review-just-thoughts about my reading experience with Lolita.    Closed that book last night.     I think that I can quickly say that I was impressed and not impressed and liked it and really didn’t like it.     AND, that I am amazed how many people don’t have any thoughts or recognition come to mind when you say “I’m reading Lolita.”     I actually had to explain to my husband what it was about.    I just figure everyone knows – oops.    And yesterday, somebody at the HS didn’t know anything about Lolita either, and she is a reader.   [She is reading the new Dan Brown.]

FINALLY!!    What  you’ve all been waiting for – if I didn’t lose you by now, is I need help.     Here are the first two sentences of the two books I have chosen to possibly read next.   Both stories are contained in one bound tradeback book by extremely local-to-me author Joyce Keller Walsh.  This is for the Literary Road Trip Challenge.   And both stories are part of The Pittsley Country Chronicles.   I think Juckets comes first.    Bog Men is the 3rd book.

UPDATED!!   I’ve changed my mind – since these books are related, like in a (gasp!) series, I had better read the first one!  Silly me, I was going to ask you to help me decide which to read first.   Nevermind, I will start Juckets today.

Juckets:    WINTER     Saturday, January 12th

“Heart’s no good.  Can’t use it.”

Swamp Yankees:    SPRING    Monday, May 31st (Memorial Day)

“I hate you,” she whispered hoarsely over the bronze gravemarker that lay like a fallen soldier amidst the taller granite headstones.

Yep, too long:   645 words!


27 thoughts on “Scraps of Thoughts

  1. Missing Mondays? – I think I will make that my new strategy.

    But teaching IS wonderful. I was tired and a bit uninspired today and had planned what I saw as ´killing two lessons´, but my students were so good and engaged in my writing course that they really made my day.

  2. Is this what they call “stream of conscious” writing? 🙂 That’s how I find myself climbing up over the 600 word mark. Do you suppose that also means we talk too much? Sounds like those kids are very lucky to have a teacher that takes so much pleasure in being there!

  3. LOL! I never stay in planned word counts. Such is life, haha. I kind of miss substituting, but it was too much of a waiting game. I only got called two or three times! One day I’d like to try it again, but for now I’ll stick with tutoring! I guess it’s kind of like substituting?

  4. I love Where The Red Fern Grows so much. I still have it from when I was a kid but don’t know if I can handle reading it again. It definitely had some sad stuff.

  5. historyofshe

    I felt the same way about Lolita! I wanted to talk about it after I read it and had no one to talk to. I’m glad you’ll be posting soon about it.

  6. I love ramble-y posts like this one. I don’t dare look at my word counts – you’re brave! I hear a lot of the grumbling-about-schoolwork from my son. He’s the kind who will COUNT how many words he has in an essay to see if he’s got enough. Argh! Mind you, he seems to have gotten better about it these past few years. He doesn’t go into agony now because he accidentally wrote two words more than was required.

    I’m surprised that people haven’t heard of Lolita, especially readers!

  7. Dorte! I LURVE it! A MISSING-MONDAY MEME! That’s the day we don’t post at all – get it? Oh, I crack myself up… And good for your writing class students! applause for them.

    Lisa, I love to do stream of consciousness posts. I EXCEL at these kinds of rambling-schmambling posts. quality might be questionable but I’m very good at writing them. and thank you for the nice compliment. I’m not a frequent sub, but I do try to have some fun.

    LU, tutoring is more profitable but the hours are fewer. maybe. I enjoyed my tutoring over the summer. I do understand the waiting game but since I only WANT to work a few to fewer days per week, it’s more guilt that I can’t accept all the assignments. I mean, WON’T accept…

    Nicole & Eva: no, I have not read this and don’t tell me anymore. I only know it’s one of those books I missed somehow. I don’t even want to know it is sad, so I will hopefully forget that you told me. (unless I need a good cry.)

    Historyofshe, I still have no idea how I will structure my post on Lolita. I hope I can do something this week. It may not be pretty. It will possibly be original.

    BermudaOnion, I wish kids didn’t hate school so much. Maybe – likely? I groaned about school, too, but it makes me sad that they have no idea what to do with lives nor care about education. sigh.

    Belle – I know! Doesn’t everyone know about Lolita? Doesn’t everyone know Tom Sawyer was written by Mark Twain!?!?! Hasn’t everyone read a Dickens?!?! NOPE. Can most people tell the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE?! I dunno.

    Debi, I’m so glad this post made you laugh. Let’s see if I can apply some math to this… I was only off less than 5% from my word count estimate. COOL, huh?

  8. I haven’t read Lolita, but I know a sketch of the plot. OK, only because I did some research way back when The Police first came out with Don’t Stand So Close to Me. Yeah, I was inspired by a pop song. But, this was back in the day, before Al Gore invented the Internet, so, I get extra credit for old-fashioned page-turning research!

  9. Word count? The only time I’ve ever counted was for that BBAW post when we were supposed to limit ourselves to 50 words. And then no one followed the rules! So I counted for nothing!

  10. Dawn, you reminded me that I needed to go look up those lyrics! Actually, I know the song but I guess ‘not well’ – I had no idea Nabokov was a line in the song! huh. and yes, of course: you get EXTRA CREDIT! woo hoo!

    Jill, lol! I thought I’d throw out a number and see how close I got. I surprise myself. WP editor makes it super easy to track word count…

    Violet, well, when discussing books IS the work, it’s a must! Maybe we can read Red Fern together. Let me know when you are ready.

  11. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on Lolita too. It’s one of my favorites just for the beauty & craftsmanship of the writing though I know the subject matter is difficult. Anyway great post & look forward to coming back for more. 🙂

  12. Green Grass Running Water is a very, very funny book! It takes a bit to get into, at least it did for me when I was in high school, but once you’re in the story it’s so good. I haven’t read King since, but I have no idea why since that book was so great. So, read it soon 🙂

    1. Yay! So glad you agree! GGWR is different, but once you “let go” and have some fun with the style, it’s amazing.

      As for other King’s, I actually based my graduate thesis on his work. Truth and Bright Water is also very good, Medicine River is just ok. GGRW is his best, by far.

      1. Yeah, KB, that’s true. You have to just ease up and get into the style and then it’s fun. I loved the way the stories overlapped and intersected and teased. Gah, now I want to read it again… I’ll have to look for Truth and Bright Water, thanks 🙂

  13. For the record, this Bookie recommended GGRW. LOL And she’s not in SPED, but across the hall/next door in English. : ) XOXOXO I love when you sub, because we can have gratuitous book chats before classes start.

    Incidentally, no rules were broken during your post as you gave no discerning info such as names or locations. Good job! Or as my favorite assistant principal used to say: “High five, standing ‘o, way-to-go!”

  14. Ohhh! How I miss discussing books with students! It’s the very best job in the world, and they are very lucky to have you. I wish I could have been there – I’ve certainly got the stamina for all seventeen questions! 😉

  15. Maree – I admit, my review of Lolita has me frozen.

    Ali – I do enjoy subbing. I don’t think I could do it every day, though. I’m wondering if I can do anything every day (besides blogging…)

    Kim and KB – I’m looking forward to this book so much! I am in need of FUNNY. (KB – yes, it was YOU.)

    Jeanne – brevity? what’s that? It doesn’t have anything to do with this other word, does it: concise?

    Litlove – thanks! You’ll do just fine with Lolita, I’m positive. and if it’s not your cup of tea like it wasnt’ my cup of tea, that’s OK. at least that is what I keep trying to tell myself every time I go edit my draft review on this novel…

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