Words for the Last Wed of Sept 09

WORDS!     Be sure to visit BermudaOnion for more Wondrous Words (Kathy hosts this meme).


from SWTWC (my review here)
p.46  SEMAPHORE“There, on the world’s rim the lovely snail-gleam of the railway tracks ran, flinging wild gesticulations of lemon or cherry-colored semaphore to the stars.” – visual signaling apparatus with flags, lights, or mechanically moving arms
p.25 EFFULGENCE – shining brightly; radiant.
p.36 FLUMING – to send (logs, water, etc.) down or through a flume (artificial channel)
p.104 PULING – cry querulously or weakly
p.106 INTERNES – recent medical graduate (I don’t like that second ‘e’)
p.115 SERE – dry; arid
p.126 ULMERS/GOFFS –  no definitions found in first quick search; makes me laugh cuz I know people with both of these words as their last names.  I wish I could share the sentence – context would say some kind of scary clown,  maybe.
p.185 FANTOCINI – some kind of puppet?

oops! I sent this book on to a new reader before I finished the post or I would have sentences to share. oh well…

from False Witness (my review here)
p.100  SWARTHY “Martin Hale had been a swarthy, little man with large hands and feet.” –  dark-skinned
p.269  SPINNY“The scent of jasmine floated in through the open windows on the muggy, evening air and Billy felt spinny.” – associated with spinning.


11 thoughts on “Words for the Last Wed of Sept 09

    1. I often write down words that are used differently then I would expect, even if I can figure out the meaning &/or intention. Such was the case with this word. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. @Margo, I could use spinny. I had to look it up to make sure it was a ‘real’ word! It reminds me of ‘slippy’.

    @Jenny, then you would LOVE the book Alphabet Juice. Blount talks about how words sound and feel. I’m sure he would agree with you here. (as do I)

  2. Effulgence just sounds like a word that would be hard to use. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it? Spinny just makes me giddy for some reason. Great words!

  3. historyofshe

    I just finished SWTWC! I loved the whole thing about Ulmers & Goffs.

    I agree about the internes bit! Where did that ‘e’ come from?!?!?! Trying to trick us, methinks!

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